Ups and Downs of a Breastfeeding Mother
I have 5 kids and I breastfed all of them. At least for a year. In fact I'm still breastfeeding my youngest child who is now 8 months old. Breastfeeding is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for the mother and I'm enjoying it. However, I have my share of frustrations and despair.

1. The first few weeks are the toughest. Milk flow is still insufficient. The baby seems not getting enough. And you tempted to turn to formula milk. But the key is, you just have to continue feeding the baby. Until your body recognize the demand induced by the baby sucking and more milk is produced.

2. During the first few weeks too, it was vey painful to feed the baby. And sometimes I dread breastfeeding time. In addition, the nipples could bleed. And it freaked me out when I saw blood smeared on the baby's lips. They said you have to feed the baby in the correct position to avoid this painful and bloody experience. Ntah la, dah anak 5, and dah try adjusting the position, still sakit jugak. The key is, let the bleeding and throbbing nipple heal. It heals quite fast. In the meantime, can express the breast milk and give it to the baby via feeding bottles. With time, the pain will cease and bleeding no more. But frankly, the thoughts of giving up occured numerous times in my mind.

3. When my maternity leave was about to end, I started to stock up on the EBM. But when the baby refused to drink from bottles, susah hati woo... 

4. On working days, I have to find time to express the milk, at least twice. For convenience, I have a mini bar fridge in my office room. But sometimes, I have to travel to HUKM and some other places for meetings and teaching commitments. I have to standby ice and usung Coleman ke hulu ke hilir.

5. Sometimes, working commitments delayed milk expression. And left wet spots on my clothes you know where.

6. Sometimes the delay in milk expression will cause engorgement. Boleh demam dibuatnya. And I have to swallow Panadol to relieve the feverish state.

However, there are a lot of benefits. Such as:
1. It's money saving, no need to buy formula milk.
2. No need to wake up at night to prepare milk.
3. Maintain body weight. Ye ke? I still have to work on my abs... Lemak degil tahap maksimum.

There are other benefits but the best is the bonding between mother-child. The way the child holds on to your fingers or your hair or your clothes during feeding and the way the child looks at you with doting eyes and the lalok expression the child has on his/her face as he/she breastfeed. Priceless...

For those who are breastfeeding and plan to breastfeed your child, remember the up and down of breastfeeding: when you're feeling up, milk letdown would be easier, InsyaAllah. :)

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