JB trip (part 1) - Legoland
My family headed down south earlier this week. Our main agenda was Legoland. The kids had been looking forward to the trip. Heck...I was also excited. Not only because of Legoland but also because of the place itself. Johor Bahru has a special place in my heart since I received my secondary education there, for 5 years. Thus, going to JB is like going back home. :)

We stayed in Hotel Sentral, a small and decent hotel located on Jalan Tenteram. Formerly known as Naza Hotel, the hotel often accommodate customs officers who are doing their operation in the vicinity. I guessed because the hotel is very close to the Woodlands checkpoint.

The room was not very big. It has 1 queen bed and 1 single bed. Just enough for the whole family. The pool was quite small but enough for my kids to have fun.

Legoland is 20-25 minutes by car from the hotel. Follow the Nusajaya signage and take the 312 exit. We arrived early, before the gate was opened. Even though it was a weekday, there was already quite a crowd of people waiting at the gate. We already bought our tickets online, which is cheaper than if you buy via the counter. RM140 vs RM105. Plus, save you from queueing at the counter. However, the counter was quite deserted while we were there. Other people must have bought their tickets online too.

The park is divided into several sections ie The Beginning, Lego City, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Lego Kingdoms, Lego Technic and Miniland.

The Beginning locates the shops, guest service counter, locker rental, stroller rental etc. If you are lucky, you got to take pictures with this Mr Lego. For a double stroller like this, the rental is RM30 for the whole day.
Lego man

Lego City
Here your kids can practice their driving skills. There are two: for Junior and for older kids.
driving school

It offers Boating School too. I got on the boat with my second daughter. And we got stuck half way down the route and had to be rescued. Ha ha...
Boating school

The Lego City Airport. The kids can control how high the planes go.

In the Lego City Stage, check out the schedule of performance by these performers. The show is educational regarding dangers at home that kids should be aware of. But it was presented in a funny and entertaining way.
City Stage

The whole family then took a ride in the Legoland Express train.
Legoland Express

However we skipped Lego Rescue Academy. In which the family got into the vehicles and you need to pump the handles in order to move the vehicle. Looks tiring so we gave it a miss.

Land of Adventure
In here, they have the Lost Kingdom Adventure where you ride in the car and go through the tunnel for some mummies adventure. I took the ride alone while my hubby babysat our youngest daughter who was not allowed to ride. When I left the ride, my other kids asked, markah mak berapa? I was huh? Ada markah ke? Laa... rupanya as you go along the tunnel you need to shoot at the mummies with the guns available on the car. Ha ha... am I too old for this? Oh yes, at one point in the tunnel, yoo will get your pic taken. Don't forget to check out your picture when you leave the tunnel.
Lost Kingdom

You can also find this bouncy Beetle Bounce here. I got on this with my kids. The first time, the thing failed to go up. The staff said, berat sangat. The second time, baru dapat bounce. Tu pun, only 3 seats were filled. The staff tak bagi naik ramai-ramai. Ha ha... Adoila... but really, this thing is actually made for kids. The bouncing is considered mild.
Beetle Bounce

The Dino Island ride is also here. You get on a boat thru a mild looking river and then going up into a cave and finally plunging down the waterfall. A thrilling experience. Tapi memang confirm basah. We don't have our rain coats or ponchos so we took the ride last. Before we went back. So kalau basah pun dah tak kisah. And again, when you go down the waterfall, do smile and maintain macho or maintain cun. Your pic will be taken as you go down. And you can buy the pic if you want. I didn't buy it. Sungguh tak comel... The park also provide the body drying service. You have to pay to use this facility. Not sure how much though.
Dino Island

In this section, you will find Kid Power Towers. You have to pull the rope to hoist yourself up and once you have reached the top, you let go the rope and experience the thrill of dropping down.
Power Tower

Don't miss the Observation Tower. The tower takes you up and revolves 360 degrees so you can view the magnificent view from up there.
Observation tower

Another not to miss activity, is the Lego studios. The 4D show is excellent. Be prepared to get wet, blown by the wind and being sneezed at.:) Sorry, no pic.

We didn't try the Duplo express train ride but I'm sure little kids will enjoy it.

Lego Kingdoms
The Dragon roller-coaster ride is located here. We didn't try it out. My daughters semua tak nak cuba. Sebab nampak scary giler...
Dragon Roller Coaster

But we tried the Dragon's Apprentice roller coaster. Mild compared to the Dragon.

My 4-year-old enjoyed the Royal Joust ride.
Royal joust

While the three older ones enjoyed the Merlin's challenge ride.
Merlin challenge

Lego Technic
In here, the park offers Technic Twister. I got a headache just by looking at the thing twisting around.
Technic Twister

The kids also enjoyed the Aquazone Wave Racers. Bystanders are able to trigger water bomb and blast water guns at the players. My 4-yo enjoyed that. 
Wave racers

Another adrenaline-rush type of ride located here is Project X. We didn't try it out. Not sure whether the ride is already opened or not. Tak nampak orang beratur pun.

This section is awesome. They placed the replicas and miniatures of wonderful buildings of Malaysia and of Asia countries. KLIA, Putrajaya, KL, JB, Singapore, India, Myanmar, China, Laos, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. All built with Lego pieces. Amazing...
Miniland 1
Miniland 2

There are several nice structures made of Lego pieces around the park.
Lego structures

In every sections, there are restrooms, restaurants and cafes, and kids' play area. Surau pun available. We skipped all play areas. For lunch, we had pizzas at Pizza Mania.

And there are also booths with funfair like activities which we skipped. If nak main, kena bayar. And also Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy where they have classes for kids to enrol. Finally, you may want to buy Lego products or momentos from the shop before you called it a day.

In summary, yes, we enjoyed ourselves. For some activities, the queue was quite long and penat menunggu. However, towards the end of the day, most of the people have left. We took the Dino Island ride twice sebab tak de queue langsung. The weather was good to us. I was wary of rain since it is the wet season at the moment. But it only rained at about 4 or 5 pm. Since it was a light rain, it did not deter us at all.

We left at about 7 pm. And the kids fell asleep instantly on the ride back to the hotel. Did we play our part? We sure did! :)

...to be continued...
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    u nampak macam kakak pulak instead of a mother of ur children.. lucky u, awet muda hehe

  2. Norazlina Mohamed Says:

    Alhamdulillah... Segala puji untukNya.:)