JB trip (part 2) - Hello Kitty and Little Big Club
Our journey in JB continued to Hello Kitty and Little Big Club. To reach the place, head towards Nusajaya, take the 311 exit and proceed towards Puteri Harbour. We made a wrong turning in reaching the place. Lack of signage betul… The parks are in an air-conditioned building. Thus, no need to worry about bad or hot weather. The parks cover 4 levels of the building. The ground floor locates the ticket counters, shop and cafe. Hello Kitty takes the 1st floor. Little Big Club which features Barney, Bob the Builder and Pingu on 2nd floor while Thomas and Friends on the 3rd floor.

Entrance fee for 1 park is RM50 per person (for both children and adults). Entrance is free for kids under 3 years old. But you can opt for 2 parks and pay RM85 per person. Price is for Mycard holder.

Inside Hello Kitty, the kids (and bapak kids) enjoyed the Tea Cup ride.

And we ventured into Hello Kitty House. The dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and closet, everything is customized to Hello Kitty.
Hello Kitty house 1
Hello Kitty house 2

We also went into the Hello Kitty Black Wonder. Inside, you can play a game to look for clues and solve riddles such as maze, spot the difference between two identical rooms etc. At the end, you will be given a certificate signifying your success in getting all the clues.
HK Black Wonder

Hello Kitty character will appear at designated times. And you can take pictures with the character.
HK character

The park also offers Wishful Studio. Inside are stations for Jewelry Making, Costume Dress-up, Cookie Making and Nail Spa. We only did the Jewelry Making and Cookie Making. The kids refused to dress-up and get their nails colored.

In Jewelry Making, each of us is given a bracelet. We had to assemble the bracelet with the Hello Kitty ornaments provided and we got to bring the bracelet home. Dah anak semua perempuan, ayah dia kena join sekali…:)
Jewelry making

In Cookie Making, we were given a Hello Kitty shaped cookie each and we had to colored the ribbon, the eyes, nose and whiskers using the food colouring provided. And then we got to take the cookie home. Of course, my kids dah abiskan makan cookies tu kat situ jugak.

Play park is also available.
Friendship Land

On the second floor, they have play areas: Barney and Pingu. Catch the characters in person and take pictures with them.
Barney and Pingu playhouse

Bob the Builder play area.
Bob the builder

On the 3rd floor, there are several rides that the kids can enjoy.
Bertie the bus.
Bertie the bus

Harold's Helitours.
Harold's Helitours

  Colin Crane Drop Ride.
Colin Crane

Windmill Ride and Thomas Train Ride.
Windmill and Thomas Train ride

Bumper cars are also available.
In summary, boleh la... Pricey la kot... for a small space like that. More suitable for young kids. And for Hello Kitty, little girls will definitely enjoy it more than the boys.
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