What I got from an osteoporosis conference
I attended the 3rd Asia Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting (conference) recently. It was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. I was there with 2 of the bone research group postgraduate students. 

Besides the knowledge being imparted during the talks and presentations, I gathered many other things. The exhibition booths were awesome.

I got to do Pewter-smithing.

Engrave your name on the disc using a hammer and these specialized nails with alphabets at one end.

Then place the disc over a special wooden mould and bang on it with a mallet until the disc has changed shape into a bowl. 

Sesuai untuk exercise lengan and untuk lepaskan geram pada orang.;)

The Anlene booth offered free sample of Anlene and you can get a free mug with your picture. 

Some booths offered ice-creams and San Francisco coffee. The coffee is very nice.

Some booths had game shows and gifts to give away. This game was similar to 'Who wants to be a millionaire' game show.
I also got to do bone density screening by using the ankle bone densitometer. Pheww.... still within normal range. But I suppose, I have to start on vitamin D and calcium supplements before it's too late.

There was a batik painting booth but I did not get to do it. It was only available on the first day. So I missed it. Rugi betul...

And another interesting aspect of the conference, was the lunch talk sponsored by one of the big pharmaceutical companies. We were given a HUGE lunch box, a choice between Western and Chinese set. 

I had the Western set. Even though it was awkward eating in the conference hall with only chairs but no tables, but we managed.

And now, I am eyeing for the next Asia Pacific Osteoporosis Meeting which will be held in Hong Kong. :) Oh yes.... I'd better start on the conference report that I have to submit... If only I can make use the report from this blog...:P 
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