JB trip (Part 3) - Where to eat
Johor Bahru is a heaven of food if you know where to find good food. We went to Danga Bay for dinner on one of the nights. Had seafood and tom yam dishes. Mahal jugak. RM100+ altogether. But the kids ate heartily. And memang puas makan. Portion pun banyak.

After the dinner, we strolled around the area. There is amusement park for kids. Mahal betul satu-satu ride tu. Ada yang per person 8 hengget.

We stayed in Hotel Sentral and the breakfast offered at the hotel, boleh la.

Mee rebus is synonym with Johore. And I googled which place offers the best mee rebus. Most bloggers mentioned 2 places. Mee Rebus Hj Wahid or Mee Rebus Tulang at ZZ Restaurant. We went to ZZ Restaurant for breakfast one morning. It was brunch actually since it was already 10 am. 

Nice outdoor eating place. You can choose either to eat at regular chairs and table or duduk bersila.
ZZ restaurant

I ordered lontong. Macam tak sanggup pulak nak order mee rebus pagi-pagi macam tu. Rasa macam one deadly sin pulak... ha ha... The lontong was nice. Large chunks of nasi impit. Ada serunding kelapa and sebiji telur rebus masak sambal. Tapi the vegetables sikit sangat. Should have more vege.

My kids had nasi lemak and nasi ayam. They love the sambal.

Another menu which is famous in JB is murtabak Singapore. One of the recommended places to get the best murtabak is at Kg Melayu Majidee, Restoran Azo. We had dinner there with Double A. Bukan Aaron Aziz tapi a couple of friends from our university days. Anuar also known as Joe B(ulu) and Azhar also known as Ajau.

We had chicken and beef murtabak. Not bad la the taste. And it is also the norm for the patrons to be served with otak-otak, kacang rebus and satu lagi ni ntah hape ntah nama dia. Macam otak-otak jugak la. Not sure made of what.

On another day, we went to ZZ restaurant again and tried the mee rebus. Two types, mee rebus biasa and mee rebus tulang. The straw is for you to suck the bone marrow. Errr... I did not do that. Again, macam tak sanggup and rasa macam a deadlier sin. Ha ha....
mee rebus
Pisang goreng makan dengan sambal kicap memang Johor's signature. Kat KL pun tak pernah jumpa kot... Hubby bought some on one afternoon at Meldrum Walk. Heaven...

Banyak lagi la kalau nak cakap pasal food kat Johor ni. Tauhu bakar, sotong kangkung... 4 days and 3 nights memang tak cukup. Anyhow, this entry ended my 'JB Aku Datang' trilogy.:)
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