I'm being paid to entertain...
Every month, in my paycheck, a certain amount is paid to me under the entertainment allowance. Dlm bahasa melayunya, elaun keraian. Nak kata banyak sangat, tak la banyak. Tak sampai ribu riban. Nak kata sikit sangat, pun tak jugak. Let's just say it is quite a generous amount. Usually, duit tu digunakan untuk raikan diri sendiri atau raikan family. Doesn't sounds right kan? Since it is included in the paycheck, the money should be spent on something work-related, right? 

According to businessdictionary.com, "entertainment allowances are costs incurred in socialization associated directly with a business purpose such as obtaining an order or advantageous trade terms." And entertainment allowances are often associated with entertaining clients to breakfast/lunch/dinner, pegi karaoke,  some sort of tour/holiday and macam-macam bentuk entertainment yang lain.

I supposed I can be considered in the business world too. The education business. And my students are considered my clients, aren't they? Through the years, I have taught hundreds of students and get to know some of them quite well. Usually from being involved with small group sessions, research project and other teaching-learning activities. It feels just right to spend some of the entertainment allowance on them. And the social activity that we enjoyed the most is eating together-gether. So, here we are enjoying ourselves.

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, Setiawangsa

Seoul Garden, Festival City Mall

Ahroy Thai Cuisine, Cheras

Marakesh, Kg Baru

Pizza Hut, Jalan TAR

Pizza Hut, KLCC

Nando's, Jusco Taman Maluri

The Apartment, KLCC

I may not be able to do this with all my students. But that doesn't mean I practice favoritism or putting one student above the rest. I would like to regard this as rezeki masing-masing. Dah tertulis rezeki untuk dia dapat makan free hari tu...:)

Going back to the definition from businessdictionary.com above, it says 'associated directly with a business purpose such as obtaining an order or advantageous trade terms'. Well..., I don't have the purpose of obtaining any order from them nor do I anticipate any advantageous trade terms. But I would say, entertainment allowance spent on students are money well spent.:)

p/s. Not restricted to students, the entertainment allowance should also be used to entertain visitors or fellow colleagues who come to the department/faculty for a visit. 
And yes, not forgetting untuk meraikan my girlfriends and Cik Kiah group.;D
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4 Responses

  1. Shazwan, kalau ada rezeki, makan together2 dengan you pulak eh. Boleh ajak few others to join.

  2. faizhanim Says:

    terpaksala pergi ketempat keje makteh macam nie..
    baru dapat merasa elauan keraian..

  3. Norazlina Mohamed Says:

    Ha ha... Faiz, nanti ada kena practical ke apa ke? Pilih la UKM atau kawasan yg sewaktu dengannya.:)