Movies and me
During my early days of school in Raub, my first exposure to movies were when we, the school children, were given free tickets to watch movies. Tak la selalu. Dlm setahun, sekali je kot. Raub is a very small town. Cinema pun satu je, if tak silap. The cinema was then ruined in a fire. The subsequent cinema pun tak tahan lama. Now, dah tak de langsung kot... Or dah ada, but I was not aware. However, I remembered how excited I was to go to the movies back then. Couldn't remember what movie or macam mana boleh dapat free or siapa yang sponsor ticket free.

Next phase, was the secondary school days in one of the boarding schools down south. We got to watch movies almost every week as our entertainment. After all, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. And there were lots of Jills on the verge of dullness.:P Anyhow, the movie was slotted every Friday nights, outdoor, in our school compound. And if the weather was bad, we watched the movie in the hall. We always looked forward to this weekly event. Each dorm will have their own mattresses or boxes or anything that can be used to sit on to watch the movie. Awal2 petang, masing2 dah bawak kotak or alas to spread on the ground. Book tempat yang paling best, ala-ala first class. We definitely had fun. We had our fair share of screaming kalau cerita hantu, we let out the love sigh kalau cerita cintan cintun, and we cursed the bad guys kalau cerita action. Those were the days. Oh ya, setiap minggu sorang kena bayar 50 sen for the movies.

Today, the excitement of watching the movies with the girls was relived when Emy, Mas and I watched the movie Parker. Of course, as usual, our outing tak sah kalau tak de makan-makan. We had lunch at the Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe, MidValley. Nice place with a very nice ambience.

Emy had olio pasta. Looks yummy.

I had Pan-Seared Duck Breast. I am not a duck-person. I can't actually recall when did I ever eat duck or whether I have eaten duck at all before. Saja nak try. Furthermore, nak go full force with the no-nasi-diet la konon. Visually, not so impressive kan? Taste pun so-so. Vege dia tak sedap, esp the red cabbage. Padan la dgn harga yang tak mahal sgt kot.

Emy had the iced blended mocha drink while I had a combo of fruits juice named Garden Punch. Not bad, sedap...

Mas who came later had mee goreng mamak. Love the presentation, esp the heart-shaped egg. 

Mas had watermelon drink while Emy ordered her second drink, Iced Lychee Tea. Cute jug-like glasses. I think the drinks offered here are worth for your money.

We also had desserts; carrot cake and cheese cake. Carrot cake kureng sedap. The almonds sprinkled on the top rasa mcm dah tak fresh. But the cheese cake sedap.

Afterwards, we went for the movie. A very nice movie, packed with action. Tapi kena control la jugak. Tak boleh nak excited mcm masa tgk wayang kat sekolah dulu..ha ha... Emy suruh simpan tiket wayang ni, sbg kenangan tgk wayang sama-sama...:D

After the movie, tak sah kalau tak minum2 dulu. We headed for Kenny Rogers. Emy and I each had Hot Chocolicious Milk while Mas had Cappucino.

We ordered 1 Jacket Potato with beef filling to share among us. Very nice.
We also had this Warm Chocolate Oasis cake and cheese cake. The Chocolate Oasis is very nice. Inside the cake, you will find melted chocolate. Memang sedap. Cheese cake dia pulak kureng. 

And I managed to overdosed myself with chocolate. Sikit punya susah nak abiskan my drink. Counting all the calories, I think mcm tak de makna je the no-nasi resolution.:P 
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