The Pau Effect
Last weekend I happened to watch a programme in TV which featured this eating place named Shazana Pau Shop and Cafe. The place is located in Jalan Raja Alang of Kg Baru, KL. And I made a mental note to check the place out.

So, it's like a dream comes true (chewahh!!) when hubby suggested having lunch together. I don't actually know the exact location of the cafe and Jalan Raja Alang is quite a long street, so we ended up cruising the entire street before we caught sight of the shop.

Since it was the 'pau' (dumpling) that was highlighted in the TV programme, jadi tak sah la kalau dah sampai situ dan tak order pau. There are a variety of dumplings such as kaya, red bean, pandan kaya, lotus, anchovies, chicken curry, beef/chicken rendang, beef/chicken black pepper and are priced at RM1.20 or RM1.50 each. We thought of having the black pepper but unfortunately, tak ada pulak sad . So we had pandan kaya and beef rendang. Quite nice. 

We also had the lunch set of the day which consist of white rice, ayam masak kerutup, vege, salted egg and shrimp paste. The set also included a drink. A choice between sirap selasih or sirap cincau. I'm not sure about the price of the lunch set since I was not the one who's paying big grin. I guess RM6 or RM7. The cafe also offers a long list of menu to order from.

We finished our lunch and headed back to our office. Back in the office, my eyes threatened to close several times and I was yawning and yawning. The next thing I knew, zzzzz.......sleepy. Adoiilaa...
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