Boomerangs of Life
Have you ever encountered this scenario?

At a traffic light, my car was several cars away from the junction. When the light turned green, the line seemed to move very slow. Looks like a driver was not aware of the change of light. As a results,the light changed to red and I was still stuck at the junction. Muttering to myself, 'Tidur ke?? Or busy texting? FBing maybe? ..sheesh... bebel...bebel...bebel...' angry It was quite a long wait. So, what the heck, I glanced at my phone and check for FB notifications. Well, it turned out, I did more than a glance. When I looked up, the light had turned green again and I saw a big gap between my car and the car in front. Yikes!! surprise Looking guiltily at the car behind via the rear-view mirror, I pushed my foot hard on the accelerator. The car behind must be muttering the same obscenities to me. Mujur the driver did not honk. Maybe he/she was doing the same thing as me? winking

What about this scenario?

At a toll plaza. I have a Touch and Go card but no Smart Tag. So, I chose the lane that had the shortest queue. And I was ready with my TnG card. But the driver in front was taking his/her own sweet time and of course that invited more mutterings, more membebel and more expletives from me. Well, mild expletives je...big grin Finally the car in front decided it was time to move on and I impatiently took my place at the TnG sensor. The card was already in my hand and I was ready to put out my hand and touch the card to the sensor. The next thing I knew was, my hand banged onto the closed window of my car. Dang!! d'ohRasa nak hantuk kepala je kat tingkap tu dek kerana kebodohan dan kesombongan diri sendiri. I was too busy condemning the driver in front that I forgot to wind down my own window. Ambik kau!!

Or maybe you have faced this kind of scenario before:

At a toll plaza again. Now I own the Smart Tag. At that particular toll plaza, there are two lanes for Smart Tag users. And I tried to choose the lane that will be the fastest. And guess what? I chose wrong again. at wits' endTwo cars in front, a car stalled. Maybe the Smart Tag device was out of battery, maybe the TnG card was not topped up, or maybe the driver just realized that he/she did not own a Smart Tag nor TnG winking. Well, those differential diagnoses were running through my head, along with some more muterings, more condemning and more mild expletives.  The driver finally solved whatever problem he/she was having. I sighed, and eager to continue my way when to my exasperation, the 'bertuah' Smart Tag sensor could not detect my Smart Tag device and the message that appeared on the screen was 'TIADA KAD'. Cheh!! angry

Pic from here.

Moral of the story: Don't say bad things about people, don't treat people bad shame on you. Coz those words, those nasty acts are just like boomerangs. They would come back and most likely hit you. You just never know when. Kadang-kadang immediately after. 
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