Mad over Gila-gila
Years ago, I had an obsession of collecting every issues of the Gila-Gila magazines. A certain amount of my pocket money was put aside in order to purchase the biweekly (was it monthly?) humor magazines. And I would kicked myself when the magazines were sold out at the usual mamak store that I needed to desperately went from one store to another to find the issue. One corner of my bedroom was reserved for the magazines and I obsessively arranged the magazines according to its issue number. I remembered how I was pissed off at wits' endwhen  I found out somebody messed up with the arrangement during one of my routine spot checks. Geezz...d'oh obsessive compulsive sungguh. Almost Adrian Monk-like characteristic.

Anyhow, over the years, priorities changed. I stopped collecting the magazines but still enjoyed reading the magazine when I had the chance. 

Some of the interesting elements in the magazine:

Philosophical view or saying called Falsampah Gila-Gila, such as these:

"Membetulkan yang tak betul itu adalah betul, membetulkan yang betul itu adalah tak betul." (lots of people are guilty of membetulkan yang betul kann?tongue)

"Biar duduk kerana penat, jangan penat kerana duduk." (ooo.. I like this one...big grin)

Q and A column with the Professor Serba Tau (PST). Wacky questions can be asked here and of course, expect even wackier answers laughing . Examples: 

Q: Laki saya malas kerja. Asyik tidur baring aje. Saya terpaksa kerja. Apa patut saya buat?
A: Hantar kat zoo.

Q: Apa pandangan PST bila kita jadi negara berpendapatan tinggi nanti?
A: Akan ramai yang hidung tinggi, suara tinggi, cakap tinggi, hutang tinggi, obes tinggi...

Q: Ngapa lelaki sekarang suka kahwin dengan orang luar.
A: Luar biasa pak!

Q: Saya berangan nak beli dan hidup di sebuah pulau tetapi tak mampu, cam mana nak buat?
A: Jadikan diri anda dipulaukan, tak payah ada duit.

For as long as I can remember, the last page of the magazine is always reserved for the cool Lipat-Lepat corner cool . Such as this one.

And another attraction of the magazine is the tiny cartoons randomly drawn  and scattered on the pages of the magazine. The magazine is just like a meal of white rice and condiments of all sorts. Vege, meat, chicken and what nots plus sambal belacan. Kartun kecik tu mcm sambal belacan la... Boleh? laughing

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