The radical bachelors
Lecture for today big grin:
Tocotrienol is a type of vitamin E which is shown to have antioxidant properties. (The other type of vitamin E is tocopherol).

Antioxidants - a molecule that is capable of slowing or preventing oxidation process and fight against free radicals

Oxidants - also called oxidizing agent, is a substance that receives an electron from a substance during oxidation process

Oxidation - a chemical reaction that transfer an electron from a substance to an oxidizing agent and produces free radicals

Free radicals - molecules or atoms or ions which are highly chemically reactive because they have unpaired electrons  and will further cause tissue damage

Can you connect the dots? If you can't, free radicals must be raging in your body right now.winking

I heard a talk recently regarding free radicals and antioxidants. The speaker gave an interesting analogy. She said, free radicals are like bachelors. Free, unstable and go from one girl to another girl and create disturbance.s Remember that free radicals have unpaired electrons? They steal electrons from other tissue or cells and cause tissue or cells damage. So analogically, these bachelors, being young and free with raging (hormones), stole girls' heart. And in the process, the girls became broken-hearted broken heart. And the process continues until the bachelors meet the antioxidants. Hmm...thinking Antioxidant jadi apa dalam ini cerita? Whatever la...

So, stay healthy people. Get enough antioxidants and live well.

Hey... someone should start 'I hate free radicals' or 'I like antioxidants' fan pages in Facebook. Ke dah ada?  tongue
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