Say Yes To e-Cigarette?
Electronic-cigarette anyone? It is targeted to those who wanted to wean off from their smoking habit.


The whole starter set costs RM310. It consists of the cigarette  with detachable cartridge. The starter pack contains 3 packs of refillable cartridges. Each pack has 5 cartridges.

Cartridges - refillable and contain flavors. Can be the flavor of cigarette brands such as Dunhill or Marlboro. (Hmm... confused Got flavor meh?) Also available in fruity flavors such as vanilla or caramel. A cartridge is said to be equal to 14 cigarettes. Individual refillable cartridge pack (5 cartridges) costs RM15.

When inhaled, the tip lights up, just like a real cigarette. But no ashes la kan...

Smoke is also produced. Upon exhaling, the smoker actually blow out smoke, well... more like vapor actually. But it is odorless and it is said to be harmless to people surrounding. So, boleh la smoke indoor and in air-conditioned places eh? tongue

It does not contain tar and few other harmful ingredients. Hmm...thinking but from my reading these e-cigarettes still contain nicotine. But I also found out that the nicotine concentration varies, can choose from as low as 0 mg of nicotine. Tepuk paru-paru, tanya selera kot? winking.

A trusted informer conveyed to me the flavor is so thick, rasa pahit jadinya.

Hmm...conclusionnya, effective ke tak ni?
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4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great article. I quit after 14 years of smoking with electronic and definitely made some mistakes along the way. The number one thing I can say is do your research! I bought two of the most know brands and they were absoute trash. Bad product, bad customer service and more expensive in teh long run.

    There are tons of brands out there so you need to find what is right for you; these might be it but I ended up with ProSmoke from but that might not be for everyone either. Not trying to spam but encourage others not to make the same mistakes as me when initally jumping in to this great alternative!

  2. Anonymous,
    The fact that you finally quit even though you stumbled along the way is indeed an accomplishment. Good for you. So, these things actually work eh...?

  3. It is truly a miracle knowing that such product is really turning the tables & helping people with their cold turkey, I've been using an electronic cig for almost a year now & I don't wish to smoke another hazardous cigarette ever again! Great Invention :)