Man of Steel
In April this year, my father underwent total knee replacement (TKR) operation on his left knee. He has been having osteoarthritis (OA) in both of his knees for some years now. He has been taking pain killers to control the symptoms and glucosamine pills to counteract the progress of the disease. But this degenerative disease is one that cannot be reversed that easily. So finally he decided to go for an operation. Alhamdulillah, the operation was a success.

Besides having OA, he has also been diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes mellitus many years ago. And he has been popping medications day and night like they are sweets or candies. And I'm amazed with his discipline. He stick to his routine of taking the medications without fail. And never complaining. Should I compare my compliance with his, mine is pathetically way behind blushing.

Now, 2 months after the operation on his left knee, he's going to do it again on his right knee. Earlier, the doctor advised him against doing on both knees simultaneously considering his multiple health conditions and his age. Now, after a couple of months of recovering, he's ready to do it again. Today (29th of June 2010) is the day. So instead of one, he's going to have 2 knees with titanium implants. He's literally the man of steel. I pray the operation will go as smoothly as the first one praying.

The x-ray of my father's left knee, post-operation.

My father is turning 82 this September. He's very fragile now, I know, but I still regard him as the strong, protective father figure trying his best to give the best to his children. In fact he has been the man of steel all these years. I guess, it's the children's turn to be the steel for him to depend on.

This is rather late but I am wishing happy father's day to all fathers, especially mine and the father to my kids.
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