World Cup Drama
Hubby and I have some kind of agreement with the kids regarding TV channels. Generally, we let the kids watch the TV (or conquer the remote) during the day. So, at night time, jangan kacau. Mummy's and daddy's turns. And later I found out that my 3 older kids have an agreement among them as well. In the morning from this time until a certain time, it's Along's turn. Then Angah's turn. Finally Uda's turn. Isyh...

So, at night, the selection of channels will revolve around 701, 708 or 711. Sometimes 103. Occasionally 411, 412 or 413. And my hubby grumbled. Bila nak tukar to channel 800++? Last2 dia pegi tengok TV kat kedai makan depan rumah sambil minum teh tarik. Especially during this World Cup period. Well, being the single male in the family, of course he had to give in kan batting eyelashes. Takkan I nak angkut anak dara yang 4 orang tu gi tengok TV kat kedai, ye tak? big grin 

These are mobile phone charms that I got when buying Jack n Jill potato chips. Mana nak sangkut pun tak tau. My BB doesn't have space for these... he he..tongue
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  2. Thanks for dropping by Shazwan. I've been to your blog lepas tu lagu yang kat ur blog tu dah keep playing in my head. Isyh..:)