To US and back, twice
I had this on my FB status some time ago: 'Norazlina Mohamed is off to US'.

And I received a few comments, all of 'em thinking I'm going to United States. But in reality, I was actually off to Ulu Sepri, a small remote place in the state of Negeri Sembilan. Ha ha... laughing These acronyms can be interpreted in so many ways. Like the PPD module that we have in our curriculum meant something else to other unknowing person. Might meant Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah to them. Another example: LOL. Generally known as laugh out loud. But can also means Lots of Love, Lots of Luck or maybe Lack of Laughter. Because when you typed LOL, you may not even laughing out loud or smile.  rolling on the floor (FYI, I wasn't rolling on the floor laughing when I put that emoticon there)

Ok, I'm digressing from the topic. So, I went to Ulu Sepri. There's a national camp site there and our faculty has been using camps like this for our students as part of their curriculum. 

En route there, I saw a  hot spring place. I think it would be nice to try it out one day.

During the camp, the students will be involved in activities pertaining to issues relating to their life as medical students as well as in their future career as doctors with much emphasis on generic skills.

The activities include:

small group discussion
(credit to Dr Khamsiah Nawawi's FB photos for this photo)


morning aerobic
(credit to Dr Khamsiah Nawawi's FB photos for this photo)

jungle trekking


and splash time. The camps that we have been using for this activities are usually near to a river. And students are given a slot to have some fun time in the river. I would like to take a dip too but decided not to when the river's condition is like this. Such a pity.

Being a facilitator to the students, my accommodation in the camp was considered tolerable. I've been through worse winking. The facilitators stayed in Rumah Tamu. 

This is the interior. 3 rooms with 3 bathrooms and a kitchen as well as living room and dining area. But no TV. wits' end

I was not VIP enough to stay in this VIP house big grin.

Meals are more than enough. 6 meals per day. I skipped some of the meals especially the supper and morning tea. 

We had nasi lemak one morning. These trays reminded me of my school years. You have to peel the boiled egg yourself.  And the regulations in the camp is that, you need to wash your own trays and cups regardless whether you are the Professors or even the Dean. Once in a while, you need to have some feelings of humbleness.

Besides this camp in US, I have also been to the camp in UK (Ulu Kenas). And earlier, my family and I made another trip to US. Not Ulu Sepri, but Universal Studio big grin.

IMHO, I think I have had enough of acronyms in one entry. GTG. ICYAL8ER. peace sign
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