Merantau ke Randau
I got to meet some friends at Randau cafe the other day. The cafe is owned by Mas Atika, an old friend from school. We had a blast that day. Enjoying the food and sharing stories. We literally rock the place. I think, it would have scaled 5 on the Richter scale. winking

Here's some of the food that we had.

I had mee rebus tulang. The gravy was very thick with big chunks of beef. Who can resist such temptation?drooling

We shared this yummylicious Red Velvet cake. Some cakes made me 'muak' after a few bites. But not this one. Somebody already took a bite, tak sompek nak ambik gambar the whole slice.winking

And we also had these trifle. Worth trying.thumbs up

See our contented faces after having such a meal? big grin

Sitting down from left: Hemy, Elin, Ein, myself & Yus.
Standing from left: Mas MS, Sury, Nor, Aiz, Eika & Sheila

And we were given a very special price by Eika. RM10 per person which was very reasonable. We were like, huh? Betul ke ni Eika? Then somebody, I think it was Aiz who said, bayar je la... tanya2 pulak. Ha ha... I guess from now on, Randau will be our official meeting place.happy
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3 Responses
  1. aiz Says:

    yes it was me who said it... after a few similiar incidents like that i find it not worth arguing with eika abt the price.... tu pasal rezeki dia murah..... and it was me who took that first bite, because it was me who said yes first when the cake was offered!!!!! yummy....

  2. l Says:
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  3. ha ha... ye la... I agree, so yummy. Ada pulak nak tahan2 sebab nak ambik gambar kann..:) Mudah2an bertambah murah rezeki Eika.