Chill Out in the Apartment
A friend from school, Linda Omar, who make her living in UK, came back for a short holiday. I missed a get-together at Sheila's place recently due to unavoidable circumstances. And I thought Linda will be here until Aidil Fitri holidays so maybe can meet up with her during Raya celebrations. Apparently she's not. She's going back few days before Aidil Fitri due to work commitments and her kids got to go to school. Aisey... I was thinking, bila pulak nak jumpa Linda ni. I texted Hemy, jom la another RCK aka Rombongan Cik Kiah. She replied she is extremely busy at the moment. Busy pulak madam principal tu. So when Linda mentioned that she's having lunch with Faila, Zie and Aiz at KLCC, I grabbed the opportunity. After all, KLCC is just a stone throw away, or its bahasa Melayu equivalents, setanak nasi jauhnya, or sepelaung jauhnya. Well, not exactly la kan...happy But just to show, how close it is to my office.

I sent a message via FB to Faila about joining the lunch. I'm sure Faila is the one who initiated the lunch since she's working in the building. I totally forgot that Faila is in my BB list and can easily BBM her instead d'oh. Except BBing with dearest hubby, my BBM application can be considered underused.

So I went to KLCC that afternoon. It was a very bad timing to drive. KL Convention Center was having PC Fair, and the parking was full, even the entrance to the parking area was closed. Dang!! I wished I had taken a cab instead. It was too late to go back to the office and to try to get a cab. So I BBed hubby and asked for idea of where to park. Since hubby works in CTBank, he might have some suggestions. He suggested PNB Darby Park but then I had to walk to KLCC la pulak. Well, better la, at least got proper parking place. Luckily, hubby offered to accompany me to PNB Darby Park since I was quite apprehensive of unfamiliar places. Legaa....whew!

Once parked, we walked in the directions of KLCC. Then hubby made his way to Wisma Central nearby while I went on to KLCC. That was quite a walk. Berpeluh jugak ketiak. The lunch took place at the Apartment restaurant. I have never been there before and don't actually know its location. But luckily, since I came from the mosque direction, I immediately found the place. The place occupies the 1st and ground floor. To enter, one needs to enter from the outside, lucky for me who walked from that side.

Faila and Linda were already there and Aiz arrived after a while. And we started ordering. (Note: Need to read the menu thoroughly because some of the dishes are cooked with alcohol. However, the waiter was very helpful and gave us options that some dishes can be prepared minus the alcohol.)

Aiz and I had chicken and mushroom pasta. Nice. Aiz makan sampai licin and I was ashamed with my plate. Still got uneaten vege remaining...blushing

Linda ordered Roast Duck. Initially, she didn't think she could finish the dish by looking at the big portion and said that the rest of us should help her to finish it. But after a bite, she exclaimed how nice the duck was and she took her offer back. Ha ha.. buruk siku sungguh winking.

Faila had a dish of sandwich. I forgot what kind of sandwich. And I also forgot to take a picture. I was busy eating my pasta at that time.

Zie came a bit later. She ordered Lamb Shank.

Another friend dropped by, Ainul Mardziah. She could not stay long since she had other commitments and furthermore she was fasting that day. But we managed to have a group photo.

Then Faila had to leave while the rest of us stayed on and ordered desserts. Too bad Faila could not stay for desserts. We had Eton Mess, which is highly recommended by Faila. And very true, marvelous drooling. Don't be deceived by the looks. The looks is indeed a mess but a heavenly mess.

We also ordered Coffee Trifle or something. Boleh la... Eton Mess lagi best.

And we also had this Baked Chocolate Pudding which requires 20 minutes of preparation time. Ok in taste, but still not at par with Eton Mess. Hmm... thinking maybe we should have ordered two Eton Mess.

We ate and talked and chatted. I found out that Linda is working in a university library. Wowee.... I used to dream of working in a library. When I was younger, I have a passion for reading especially mystery novels. And I dreamt of working in places where I can read the whole day. Either a library or a bookshop. So listening to her, I was reminded of my fantasy. But then, listening to her describing her work, I don't think I would have time to read the whole day long if I were to work in the library.

Tunku Muna, another school mate, joined us while we were finishing dessert. She's the princess of the late Sultan of Johore. A very humble and down-to-earth person. 

I made a move first since it was already getting late. And I had to make my way on foot to PNB Darby park again. Another sweating episode, but I think the exercise would partially pay off the pasta and the Eton Mess that I had. Traffic was very cruel to me that day. However the traffic mess was softened by the thought of Eton Mess... big grin
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