Boosting the Nation's Economic Growth
In conjunction with the National Day, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. So this is what my family and I did.
It started even before the month of Ramadhan. At Sogo. There was a big sale.


And there was a swarm of people especially at the kids section. That was our destination too. So, what to do, redah je la. Hiyahhh!!!

Finding a suitable pants for Along and Angah can be very difficult, especially Angah. Had to select one with a few sizes bigger than her age to compensate her quite plump waist. So, we ended up with pants that are few inches longer for her and require alterations. And no way we can just buy the pants without having her trying it first. And when all 3 girls went into the fitting room, it was ages before they came out again. Giggle, giggle,, chat, chat...


Then Ramadhan came knocking. And we still have a few errands to do. We checked out the range of clothes at Jusco, Wangsa Maju.

The kids love to play hide and seek in between the hanged dresses. And I wish I have eyes all around my head so that I can see where they were hiding and not to stray too far from us.

On another day, we explored Ampang Point. We just could not finish the task in one day. Hypoglycemia and shopping with kids are not a good combination.


In Ampang Point, there are quite an array of choice for baju kurung, for both kids and adults. Now Along can no longer wears baju kurung of the kids' sizes. Had to buy the smallest size from the adult range for her. And that made the price for her baju kurung shoot up a bit. It won't be long now before she can borrow one of mine. Hmmm.... that works both way actually.

We also paid a visit to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Every year, when Ramadhan approaches, there will be wayy too many people applying for vendor lots along the back alley of Jalan TAR. And only a bunch of people got the spot. And lots of politics involved I'm sure .

Anyhow, hubby and I went there twice during this Ramadhan. The first visit was in the early days of Ramadhan. Orang shopping pun tak ramai lagi. In fact, yang jual pun tak ramai lagi. There were a few lots still empty. The second visit, half way through Ramadhan, things were heating up in the alley. Dah ramai yang jual and lots of merchandise to feast our eyes upon. Such as these rows of baju Melayu.


Head scarfs

Table cloths

And not forgetting items that were named after a celebrity or in this case, a TV series.

Bargaining is a must if you traveled down Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. But the sellers were a bit 'jual mahal' when we asked for more discount that day. But I recalled one Raya Eve some years ago. Hubby and I and my mother in law went to Jalan TAR the night before Raya. The crowd was unbelievable. And at that time, the vendors cut down the prices of their goods gila-gila. But then, who on earth wants to do last minute shopping like that? Of course, the price will be much lower but to find a size that fits you or a color that you wanted may be impossible. Ada berani? Tak de baju raya nanti.

So that's it. The things that I did for my country...
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2 Responses
  1. Nurul.Liyana Says:

    if nk bju ry berpasang2...blh la tmbh lg night b4 raya :)

  2. Ha ha... tak sanggup meredah crowd. Last time yg I pergi tu, melaut org. Ingatkan KL dah lengang sebab semua balik kampung tapi rupanya tak.