Me and PaRam
Okay, before anybody starts to make any speculations, let me clarify. PaRam = Pasar Ramadhanbig grin.

There's a PaRam near my office. Near the Hospital Kuala Lumpur 's staff quarters to be exact. 

And often enough, I used the route along the PaRam to go back home. And because of that, I was sometimes delayed in reaching home. Mana taknya....

Cars are slowing down to look for parking, I assume.
Cars are slowing down to feast the eyes on the range of food on sale. 

People crossing the road sesuka hati winking.
People walking down the road (a little bit to the middle of the road) dengan gaya itik pulang petang winking.
And there's this woman-driver busy clicking on the camera batting eyelashes.

Upon reaching home, I will encounter another PaRam.

Just a few meters from my home. And again, I expect some delay before I can safely ease my car into the porch.

Again cars slowing down.

Again people crossing the road sesuka hati winking.
Again people walking down the road bagai itik pulang petang winking.
But this time, the woman-driver with the camera dah insaf tongue. Instead, she subcon the job of capturing the photos to the hubby.

These colourful jellies are so mouth-watering.

And this Uncle Bob sounds too good to be true happy.

Selamat meneruskan ibadat puasa. Quoting a banner that I saw on a roadside somewhere, 'Gemukkan Iman, Kuruskan badan' happy.
Drive safe, walk safe, spend wisely, jangan membazir and watch out for drivers like the woman-driver mentioned above big grin.
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