Eid in Raub
Finally the day has arrived. The day that simbolizes victory for the Muslims who have succeeded in completing the ibadah during Ramadhan. After breaking fast on the last day of Ramadhan, my daughter whispered to me what she wanted for sahur the next morning. I said, 'Dah tak de sahur dah, esok dah raya'. She gave me a BIG smile of glee big grin.

The morning of 1st Syawal, the table was set up with all the cookies and raya dishes. Memang kuih penuh meja. Mana tak nya, each one of us brought a few types of cookies back home and adding it all up, we got a big spread of raya cookies.

We had our ritual of 'bersalam-salaman' with family members and asking for forgiveness and giving out duit raya to the kids. Well, as long as they are not working yet, they are considered as kids and eligible for the raya ang pau.

And of course photo shoot. The grandchildren of Hj Mohamed and Hjh Siti Asiah. A few were not in the picture.

And then with the rest of the family. Ramai sikit lagi, tak muat nak masuk frame winking.

Since it was a Friday, and Friday prayer was due soon, things were a bit slow. Except for a Chinese family, we had no guests. So some of the kids treated themselves as guests and beriya-iya makan kuih raya kat meja tetamu d'oh.

After Friday prayer, we got ready to visit our aunts and uncles. Sekali keluar, 2,3 kereta. Penuh satu rumah. 

Jenuh tuan rumah nak prepare air whew!.

At one of my aunt's house, we saw this beautiful orchid with its gorgeous flowers.

We also helped ourselves to the rambutans.

While the kids were either chasing the hens or the cats. Isyh...isyh...isyh... Duduk kat KL, nak jumpa ayam hidup yang berkeliaran memang susah.

Dah makan, jangan lupa cuci pinggan sendiri. This is a picture of me and my 2 sisters. We were at my aunt's place. She lives alone after the death of her husband and it's quite unfair to leave her with the dirty dishes. 

And the activity continued after Isyak prayer that night.

I went to sleep with tummy full of lemang, ketupat, rendang, raya cookies and varieties of drinks. Hmm...thinking fasting month down the drain in just one day? How la... raya sebulan ni...sigh

p/s I would like to acknowledge the FB of my nephews (Muhd Firza Mohd Hanim and Aj Ajay) for some of the photos above.
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