Raya cum birthday cum telematch
This is another tale of Raya. Oh yes... still in Raya mooddancing.

It happened to be my birthday on the 2nd day of Raya. Yes... the infamous 9/11 disaster coincides with my birthday. Besides me, there are few others September babies in my family.
My father: 7/9/1928
My brother: 19/9/1977
My nieces: 2/9/1980 and 17/9/1991

In conjunction with that, we had a special raya-telematch among family members. We had a similar event last 2 years. We celebrated the October babies back then since Raya was in October that year. This year, we did something similar. And as usual, the organizers were my hubby and sister.

It was the 2nd day of Raya and relatives were still coming over to my parents' house for beraya. We couldn't stop people from coming, could we? So, because of that, the telematch started quite late that afternoon. Dah 6.30 pm. We managed to form 4 groups between us (minus my parents, the 2 organizers and 1 cameraman). And together with 3 import players (the sons of my late cousin who came beraya), each group consisted of 8 people.

We played games such as blowing up baloons. Tapi nak sebesar 2 jengkal je... So we chose the smallest member of the group and used her fingers as the measurement hee hee.

Carry balloons using rackets. Not as easy as it looks whew!.

 Filling up bottle with water by using sponges. My group should take our own sweet time because the objective was not to finish the fastest but how much water is collected.

Bowling with coconut. The aim is to knock down the brick. I failed to hit the brick. If only I had the chance to practice, sure kena punya... Alasann...tongue

Ni salah satu contoh balingan yang mengenathumbs up .

Those in the back were not cheering for the bowler but actually were trying to disrupt the blower's concentration and the coconut goes haywire devil.

And finally, guessing how many coins were there in the plate filled with flour. I cheated and managed to maintained my face flour-free winking.

 No way I'm going to let my face to be like thisshame on you.

And final results... Proud to announce that my group was group no. 3 laughing.

That night, we had a small birthday celebration. 

We had a cake written with the names of the September babies. But accidents do happen. Somehow my niece's name was smudged thus we improvised and wrote her name using muruku and cornflakes.

We had a giant birthday card presented to my father.

And cut the cake secara berjemaah.

It was so good to be able to gather with family members like this.

Cake: RM25.
KFC: RM170+.
The smile on my parents' faces especially my father's: Priceless big grin.

Next Raya, celebrating August babies maybe? Ramai jugak August babies in the family.

Special thanks to hubby dearest for making this birthday a memorable one love struck .
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