Iranian Night
During one of our shopping marathons, the whole family had our iftar outside. We chose Iranian cuisine at Ali Baba's Kebab, located in Ampang, opposite the Ampang Point. We thought of trying something different this time. Asyik2 tom yam, seafood platter je before ni.

Outside the outlet.

Gaya orang berpuasa .

The hookahs station.

The inside of the restaurant.

We ordered one of the sets in the Ramadhan promotional offer i.e the Ali Baba Special Roast Chicken. It came with complimentary appetisers, soup and drinks.

The cream soup is less thicker than the usual cream soup I often had elsewhere, but it was as delicious.

The bread was nice, especially when dipped in the soup.

The other appetisers, such as the zulubiya (the one macam muruku tu), was very sweet but tolerable. However the other delicacy, not sure what's the name but is shaped like the dates, were sweeter than the zulubiya. And this one is a bit too sweet for me. The cheese... welll.. let just say that I'm not a cheese lover .

The rice came with 2 types of sauce. My kids loved it. Even though the serving seemed large, the kids almost clear their plate.

And finally, ice-cream for the kids.

We were running late and were rushing to get back home. But the waiter looked disappointed when we declined the tea and said we should try the tea. Nice tea set. The tea was herb-ish in taste. Rasa serai pun ada jugak. Not bad la. But I prefer plain Cameronian tea.

This Iranian Night might be the start of the 'Hikayat 1001 Malam'. Am looking forward to another culinary experience .
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