Feeding the Chinese Side of Me
After the episode in the Apartment, Emy called and said, 'Amboi... pegi Apartment tak ajak pun'. Laaa...d'oh I thought she was too busy for a lunch date. Apparently, she was not that busy....so we planned another lunch date. This was a couple of days shy of Ramadhan and she suggested Hj Sharin Low's place on Jalan Ampang, a Chinese Muslim cuisine place. 

Speaking of Chinese, my paternal grandmother was a Chinese and she was raised by a Malay family since she was a baby. Well, she might have left everything pertaining to Chinese when she entered the Malay community, except for her looks of course. And some of that looks are plastered on my face batting eyelashes. So for me, going to a Chinese restaurant was like going back to my roots. (Yeah... right... tongue In reality, be it Chinese, Malay, Western, Indian or Arab... telan je. Not Japanese though. I have a feeling that I can't stomach Japanese dish especially the sushisick.

Anyhow, on the planned day, I drove to the place after picking Elin up in Kampung Baru. Luckily the place was very easy to find but I missed the turn and had to make an illegal U-turn. Luckily, the streets were deserted. And luckily Elin was with me. Somehow one will be much braver to conduct an illegal act or to break a rule when in company. Especially if the company is the partner-in-crime from the school days devil.  

We were joined by Linda and Iderk.

We had white rice, Kam Heong chicken, salted egg fried tofu, fried buttered prawn, deep fried squids, tom yam, a vege with a long Chinese name which I could not remember and finally a platter of Chinese pancake dessert. Yummy... We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves that we were not aware that the place is closed from 3 to 5 pm. Sure bengkek je staff kat situ. (More pictures are available in Emy's blog).

I liked the menu so much that I suggested to hubby to have Along's birthday dinner there the next day. Waahh... a double dose of Chinese cuisine for me..

We had white rice with Black Pepper Chicken. Not bad la but I like the Kam Heong Chicken better.

I also ordered Salted Egg Fried Tofu. Memang best. A must try dish. Even my cerewet vege eater kids also liked the dish.

Tom yam. I liked the taste.

Buttered prawn. My kids love these, especially the youngest. It's a bit different from the buttered prawn I had with Emy and the gang but I can't remember the difference. One with milk and one without, I think, or something like that.

We enjoyed the dinner, sehingga menjilat sudu winking.

Thank God, the next day was 1st Ramadhan. And hopefully all guilty feelings of gluttony are redeemed, InsyaAllah praying.

Apa-apa pun, it was a wonderful Chinese feast for the Chinese side of me. Elehh... Chinese la sangat tongue. I can't even use the chopsticks, for God's sake...blushing
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4 Responses
  1. next bday celeb gi Haven pulak

  2. boleh..boleh... Double celeb tu, both of us September babies.

  3. hasnah Says:

    Haih...no wonderlah you do hv the chinese look. I hv asked you before on this last time and you said no...heheheheh...tak ngaku le masa tu...i'm half chinese, my mom was adopted from a chinese family. and my nenek angkat was also a mualaf so...that's why my mom can speak and cook chinese dishes.

  4. Ye ke aku tak mengaku? Lupa la tu.. he he... Aku takat muka je, anything else about Chinese 'wa pu che tau...':)