Healthy vs Hazardous
Received a sad news the other day about the death of a younger brother of a colleague. He died of a heart attack at the age of 36. Oh dear... that's young. I've heard similar stories and news for the past few years now. It seemed that the people who suffered from these attacks are getting younger and younger, especially the males.

And being a female, should I breathe a sigh of relief? I know females are somewhat protected from these cardiovascular diseases (for a period of time). I know, having the female hormone estrogen is the main factor why the females can avoid these diseases (again for a period of time). But this protection has its expiry. Once the menopause knock on the door, the risk of getting the diseases is comparable to the males. And menopause is such a misleading term. It is not a pause at all. It's permanent. Should call it menonomorewinking.

And this morning, while I was drinking SoyRich drink, I thought to myself, ughh... this drink may be rich in soy, but so not rich in taste. Of course, with no added sugar, low in fat, no cholesterol... that equals to bland in taste. So, how to change this way of thinking (and attitude towards food)? sighYang berlemak, yang bergaram, yang bergula tu la yang sedap. But those are the ones which are hazardous to the health. Tepuk dada tanya jantung?

Al-fatihah untuk arwah.
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