Experiencing Cameron Highlands
Syakila, my eldest kid, went for a trip to Cameron Highlands some time ago. She had fun. And had fun spending some money as well. Her father gave her RM100 initially. But at the last minute he added another RM50 thinking of the expensive items and food over in Cameron.

She bought a packet of strawberries. Even though I know she does not fancy eating strawberries so much but I guess, this is a must by item. Tak sah tak beli kalau pergi Cameron.

I sort of hinted to her (well, no hint at all actually, I told her directly) to buy something for her sisters and this is what she bought. A bracelet for each of her sisters.

And she bought these lovely flowers.

This bouquet of flowers reminded me of my school days, during the exam week of SRP. One of the assessment for the Home Science subject was cooking and flower arranging. I remembered we had a special outing to town before the exam just to buy fresh flowers. But of course, we were all multi taskers, we did not just buy flowers. Dah alang-alang keluar.  It was fun buying the flowers and cracking the creative side of me to arrange the flowers as nice and as pretty as possible. And I'm sure, the florists in JB had a very good fortune that day. Untung besar...big grin

Anyhow, following Syakila's trip, hubby and I planned a school holiday trip for the family, going to Cameron too. Both of us have never been to Cameron and we were looking forward to the experience.

We headed north for Cameron on a sunny morning and exited at Simpang Pulai. Another alternative is through Tapah but we heard the roads through there are quite windy and might be cruel to my kids who are prone to motion sickness. Thus, Simpang Pulai it is. Even though the exit is further north than Tapah. Toll price: RM23.30.

Map from here.

We stayed at Heritage Apartment located in Tanah Rata, Cameron. 

Tanah Rata: 4921 feet above sea level.

The apartment is a 3-room apartment which accommodate my whole family + my mother-in-law nicely.

The master bedroom with bathroom attached.

The corridor leading to the second bedroom

The third bedroom.

The kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave oven, kettle, cooking utensils, plates, cups, mugs, forks and spoons.

The living room with Astro reception and quite a nice range of channels available. Movie takde tapi AXN ada. Ok la...

The apartment is individually owned by a guy and only rent out to Muslim tenants. For RM280 per night, I'm satisfied with the apartment despite limited basic amenities. Only 1 towel and 2 bars of soaps were provided. Tak de shower cap...he he... And of course, no housekeeping. Kemas bilik sendiri. The kids just had to ask, tak de swimming pool ke?d'oh No one in the right mind akan berendam dalam swimming pool in Cameron Highlands. Even the rooms don't have any fans or air-conds.

The apartment is close to the Tanah Rata town thus dining is not a problem. The weather was nice with cool, refreshing breeze. So, it was just perfect for sight-seeing. No sweat!!! But kids will be kids.... Gaya mesti lebih. They just love to put on their jackets with the hoods up and even with the gloves on... Layan je la...

Upon arrival and checking-in, we went to a tea plantation, Bharat plantation. 

Nice view.

You can also go down and walk through the plantation.

But careful with the steep hill and almost treacherous steps.

And later can enjoy a cup of tea (various of tea to choose from: fruit-flavoured tea such as blackberry, orange or strawberry, mint tea, lemon grass tea)

or can try this strawberry smoothie.

Can shop too.

During school holidays, there's a daily night market at Brinchang, a short 10-15 minutes drive from Tanah Rata. And again, no problem at all to satisfy your taste buds with the range of food available.

The next day, we went to the Time Tunnel Gallery. A museum of memorabilia. To enter, you need to pay an entrance fee of RM5 for adults and RM2 for kids.

Indeed, you go back in time when you're inside. Especially when you relate the items and collectibles to your childhood.

We also stopped by a Strawberry Farm

which is located close to Cactus Valley. 

  Besides the strawberry plants, 
can also see other plants such as these salads.
Picking strawberries is also allowed, for a price of course. We skipped that but we spent some money at the gift shop.

In the afternoon we went to another tea plantation, Boh. There are two Boh plantations in Cameron, one in Ringlet area, another one in Brinchang. We went to the Ringlet one. It is located quite far from the main road and the road leading to the plantation is very narrow and windy. Drivers are advised to press the horn when approaching blind-corners to alert drivers coming from the opposite side. 

Besides sipping tea and biting into a scone or a slice of cake at the Ummph Teashop, visitors can also go for a tour into the factory itself.

The staff will guide you through the series of tea processing which ended with sorting and grading. The tea leaves for making teh tarik is different from the leaves for making plain tea.
After the long windy road, we stopped by a play park and just enjoyed the evening breeze. While kids played, we bought some hot banana fritters from a stall nearby. Makan dgn teh o panas, memang nyaman. Err... the cool weather did wonders to one's appetite.winking

On our last day, we visited an arcade which is a heaven for plant/flower lovers and those who have passion for garden accessories. Aiyaa.... no picture...

We also entered Butterfly Garden. Note: there's an entrance fee.

Besides observing the colourful butterflies, 

there are also other amazing small animals displayed such as this leaf frog. Can you spot the frog?
Finally, we stopped by a bee farm 
where you can actually walk through the apiary and see the hives up close.
Or you can have some fun going into the bee maze

And received a gift if you succeeded in completing the maze.

With that, we said our goodbyes to Cameron and hope to come back again in future. And we moved on to our next phase of holiday. (to be continued)
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