Oh mann...d'oh This is a very long-due blog entry. 

It started with my birthday which coincided with Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration months ago. So since I celebrated 'together-gether' with the whole family, there was no 'me and hubby' so-called celebration la.. And I said to him, you owe me a treat.

And we finally had a lunch date not long after that. In the Wadi Hadramawt Restaurant, located at Jalan Ampang.

A 2-storey eating place serving Arab cuisine. The low level was quite full of patrons so we opted for the first floor. Tak de orang, we were the only people who were willing to climb the stairs to the upper floor.happy

We shared this dish of Chicken Mandy. The serving is huge. The rice was excellent.

We also shared this Lamb Kebab
which came with this large bread. We barely ate the bread, not because of the taste but too full with rice already. Furthermore, tekak Melayu, bukan pandai makan roti masa lunch.tongue
And we had this dish of grilled prawns.
with its accompanying sauce.
For drinks, we had iced lemon tea. Definitely different in taste as compared to teh o ais limau kedai mamak atau gerai tepi jalan.big grin
The dishes were truly delicious. Or should I say sedap maut? Well, it's Hadramawt Restaurant isn't it?? Anyhow, I like this kind of IOUs. I need to have more IOUs from the hubby la. Can I just have IOUs for no reason at all? batting eyelashes

On another episode but related topic, the whole family went shopping in Ampang Point one weekend. And we tried one of the Arab restaurants over there, Tarbush.
But we did not dine in, instead we tapau.
We had nasi briyani with chicken,
fish fingers
and grilled prawns.
Conclusion: Hadramawt memang maut.big grin
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2 Responses
  1. fei4ren2 Says:

    prof, you should try the lamb from Tarbush. it's so soft that i thought it was chicken. lol. (sorry la.. i rarely eat lamb before because i don't like its texture and taste, until i tried it in Tarbush).. hehe..

  2. Oh ye ke? Maybe next time. The lamb at Hadramawt is nice also. But the price there is quite on the higher side. Once in a while to treat yourself, boleh la.:)