Ipoh and Tambun Chapter
Coming back from Cameron Highlands, we stopped by Ipoh which is quite close if you exited via Simpang Pulai. Since the kids were denied the opportunity of splashing in a pool at Cameron Highlands, we decided to make a stop at Ipoh and paid a visit to Lost World of Tambun.

We had reservations for 2 rooms at Impiana Hotel, Ipoh and we were able to get the adjoining rooms.

The hotel's rate was RM180 per night per room and with that, we were entitled to free tickets to Lost World of Tambun for 2 adults and 1 kid. I think that was a good deal indeed, considering the tickets' price are quite pricey.

We arrived at Lost World quite early the next day. A very short drive from the hotel. Plus minus 15 minutes. Not many people yet, maybe because it's a weekday. The Lost World of Tambun is owned and developed by the Sunway Group thus the setting and the concept is similar to Sunway Lagoon of KL.

There are water parks which include a sandy bay area and kids' pool.

There are also hot springs pools, a pool which is moderately hot and another pool which is slightly hotter. And of course for more extreme water experience there were rides such as cliff racer and tube raiders. We skipped that.

After a dip into the pool, you can take a tour around the park by riding on its train or can simply stroll along the way. There are a range of activities that can be enjoyed by the kids, and adults too.

Petting zoo: for up close and personal experience with small animals like rabbits etc

The tiger valley, watch out for its feeding show schedule. And other shows as well. We didn't wait for any of the show. The kids' priority is getting wet, wetter and wettest.

Can also opt for activities like paddle boat, fish feeding, geese feeding and pony ride.

And there are a few rides ranging from the mildest one such as the carousel

and the more extreme ones such as this swinging thing. The kids declined the extreme rides and I'm happy with that decision...winking

In addition, there are also booths akin to funfair kind of activities where you have to buy tokens to play.

After the second round of splashing around, the kids had ice-creams and I tried the waffle. 

We headed back to the hotel not long after that. But I do feel somewhat lost. confused Because in the brochure, there's a mention of activity like cave excursion but we did not see the entrance or any signage to that direction. But there is one Kepura Cave which can be used for a meeting room or any other group's event.

So, if you ask me, which one is more happening between Lost World of Tambun and Sunway Lagoon, I suppose Sunway Lagoon is more fun. But Lost World of Tambun can be developed further and more rides and activities can be added.

Besides a taste of Tambun, we also experienced Ipoh a bit. Unfortunately we did not have the chance to taste the infamous Mee Rebus Ramli but we had dinner at Dataran Ipoh, close to Ipoh Municipal building.

We tried the Char Kue Teow with prawns. Ok la, not bad. And memang happening la tempat ni malam-malam. Lots of stalls to choose from. Kalau nasib baik, dapat tempat yang sedap. Kalau tak, well, telan je la.

And of course, Lost World of Tambun is just not enough for the kids. They again had another splashing episode at the hotel's pool. 

After all, kids will be kids... big grin
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