The door to Ulul Albab
In the effort of giving the best education to our kids, hubby and I browsed the programmes offered by MRSM or dalam bahasa omputihnya Mara Junior Science College. We are keen to enroll Syakila, our eldest, in the Ulul Albab programme, offered by only 3 MRSMs (Besut, Kepala Batas and Gemencheh). Not willing to separate too far from my daughter and tak sanggup berombak rindu di kemudian hari..., we chose Gemencheh. The closest to our home.

So we applied for that and she was scheduled for an interview in MRSM Gemencheh couple of weeks ago. The interview was set in the morning thus we traveled to Gemencheh the day before. From PLUS highway, exit at Simpang Ampat (toll price RM13.60), head towards Tampin. Gemencheh is located between Tampin and Gemas. We stayed the night at Gemas Golf Resort. In reaching the place, you will pass in front of MRSM Gemencheh.

Gemas Golf Resort is located quite near to Gemas Railway Station but the road leading to the resort is a bit confusing because there's a lot of constructions going on and lack of signage caused us to go in circles before finding the right way.

The entrance and registration counter.

We took 2 adjoining rooms.

The master bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

 The kids' room with 2 single beds.

The rooms are spacious but quite ill-maintained. The usual amenities are provided but no room service (the cafe is not even opened) and no house keeping service after 7 pm. In fact, there is no phone at all in the room. The water heater in the shower does not seem to be working. But the surrounding and the lush green of the golf course is lovely. The pool is adequate to satisfy my kids yang amat suka berendam dalam pool.

The resort is 3-storeys high. The rooms are on the 2nd floor and there is no lift. Good exercise though.

View from the 2nd floor. 

Kids enjoying the pool.

Jalan-jalan cari makan in the area of Gemas. Tak de le jauh sangat jalan-jalannya. Pekan kecik. In terms of fast food outlet, KFC je yang ada kalau tak silap. 

We had dinner in one of the restaurants nearby.

Breakfast in one of the stalls. Not bad. Sedap sambal nasi lemak dia.

Lunch at Nasi Ayam Gemas Mustafah restaurant. This eating place is quite famous. Ramai orang. And when I surfed for Gemas previously, the shop is listed in the 'where to eat' category in many websites.

One turn-off thing about Gemas-Gemencheh area is that there are lots of flies. Irritating betul. There must be chicken farm somewhere.

Anyhow, we went to MRSM Gemencheh that morning for Syakila's interview and test.

Registration table, with all the info on the interview process. Helpful and friendly students of the school are available everywhere to assist you in any way that they can.

Briefing by the principal. Can't remember his name but he declared 'Saya bukan ustaz'. I suppose lots of parents called him ustaz.

Well, we have approached the door and knocked on it but whether our daughter will be let in, we have yet to find out. And in case this door remains shut, I pray for more doors to open wide for Syakila in future. Amiinnn....
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