Colorful Malaysia
Malaysia, with its colorful people, is matched with its colorful cultures and traditions. In every stages of life, traditions and cultures exist. From birth (even from conception) until death.

I saw this interesting Chinese funeral procession in front of my office the other day. I have seen similar processions before but this particular procession piqued my interest.

It was very long, consist of lots of people, wearing various, colorful traditional costumes, some in vehicles while others walking. Included in the parade were some interesting characters. There were men walking on stilts. And some were riding on unicycles. At a glance, it looked like a circus parade or something. But listening to the music being played and the drums drumming, I know there was a death in the family and even though they looked like they were having fun, they were mourning inside.

As for every cultures and traditions, I'm sure there are explanations and reasons behind it. You can read further about customs relating to death in Chinese here.
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