One of the many trips to the Lake Garden
The other day I took the day off from work. And as usual, the kids were ecstatic whenever I do that. And as usual, they love to go for a trip to the Lake Garden, Titiwangsa Lake Garden to be exact. Well, that’s the only place that I dare to go on my own with 4 kids tagging along. Plus, parking is quite easy especially during weekdays when other people are working their a** off… . So, off we went for the umpteenth time.

The kids enjoyed themselves to the max. Riding on the swings, going down the slides, crossing the hanging bridge, up and down on the see-saw, playing hide and seek etc etc etc. And as always, they asked for an ice-cream break before starting on the rides again. And not to mention several stops to drink some water. It was very hot that day.

Next, when they have exhausted themselves, they asked for burgers. One with chili sauce and mayo. One with only chili sauce and another with no chili or mayo. No vege for all. Yang jual burger tu pun sure pening. In fact, he had to jot down each order…whew!

Then, the final stop before heading home. The toilet. It was no surprise, after all the water and ice-cream being consumed. The kids are very fascinated with the automatic toilet. Put in 20-cent coin, the door will automatically open. Go in, do your business. And just take note that the door will automatically open after 15 minutes. I hate to imagine if someone has a very severe case of constipation…winking. But of course, there’s a buzzer that goes off 1 minute before the door opens. So, ample time to finish the thing you started… ha ha…

Going home…. the kids asked for chicken rice some more… Where did they store all of that food I wonder… Must have evaporated with their sweats la… How I wish I can do that… I'm sure, if I stuff myself like them, I'll be eligible for the next Biggest Loser Asia, I tell you...tongue
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