The Momok of Chow Kit
I’m sure the name Chow Kit is not unfamiliar to Malaysians. And most of us have been to Chow Kit or at least know of the song by Sudirman Hj Arshad, Chow Kit Road. For me, Chow Kit is like my playground. Spent more than 10 years in its vicinity as a student and as a career woman. However, am still apprehensive about the momoks lurking in Chow Kit devil.

Last week (or was it the week before?), hubby bought a new pair of trousers. And it needs some alterations; the length of the pants need to be shortened. And as usual, it’s my job to send it to a tailor. Yeah… I don’t have a sewing machine nor do I have the skills to alter the trousers. Simple task like sewing a button, yes can do. But complicated sewing like altering trousers or zipper repair, I’m raising white flag. Not that I don’t want to try, but I’m afraid the long pants will be transformed into a short pants once I’m finished with it..winking

Anyhow, there’s this little alteration shop within walking distance of my office, situated near the Chow Kit market, that I often go to. The name of the shop is ‘Kedai Ubahsuai Pakaian Yuen’ or something like that. Yuen, the owner, works in the shop with her brother. It is a very small shop. Barely has room for more than 3 people. 2 sewing machines. 1 table and few stools. But business is more than OK. On the walls of the shop are plastic bags hanging from nails or whatever that a plastic bag can be hanging from. One plastic bag equals to 1 customer. There are a lot of them. More than 50 maybe. And 1 plastic bag does not necessarily contain 1 garment. Try figure that out. The price is reasonable too.

However, to reach the shop which is located at the back alley of the Chow Kit vicinity, there are a few momoks that I have to go through. Not a real momok in the true sense of the word, but momok all the same. It may materialize in various forms:

Snatch thieves

Must be very careful with the purse/handbag/jewelry. Lots of cases to date that end with deaths, not the culprit’s death, but sadly the victim’s death sad.

I’m not implying that all foreigners are momoks since Malaysians can be the worse momok sometimes. But I tend to be very wary with them. And I think the feeling is shared by everyone throughout the world when meeting strangers and foreigners.

UFOThe shop is situated on the lower ground of a flat. And you never know when will an Unidentified Flying Object came flying from the flat units above and landed at your feet or worse on your head. And believe me, it won’t be a bouquet of flowers.

I practically have to hold my breath at certain areas. It is such an insult to the olfactory nerves and sometimes intolerable sick. And if you happen to go into the wet market, the smell will surely cling to your clothes.

All kind of vehicles trying to pass through the narrow road which is made worse by food stalls, tudung stalls and people parking as they wish, is one of the momoks to look out for.

Having said all that, Chow Kit provides almost everything I need within walking distance. Despite the momok, I will surely make a trip down the alley again and again..

Jalan Haji Hussein of Chow Kit. Straight ahead is the Chow Kit market. The alteration shop is located at the lower ground of the flat building facing the back alley.
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi, i need a dress altered asap n im studying near chow kit area. can i know exactly the address or directions to the shop? ps i know uo. I'll appreciate ur reply n thank yiu :D

  2. Hi,
    If you go to the back of UO, you can see a fire station just beside UO. Next to the fire station is the flat (as shown in the pic in the blog). You need to go to the alley behind the flat. The shop is located on the ground floor. There's a signage at the shop: Yuen. Hope this helps.