The Perfect Match
This post has appeared in my FB some time ago. So this might be old news to some. But even the TV channels feed us with re-runs, so why not blog post..happy

"Some found theirs early,

Some found theirs after a while,

Some search for theirs,

Some don’t bother at all,

Some met theirs after a date,

Some require more than a date,

Some claim it was love at first sight,

Some need to develop the love,

But how perfect do we want our match to be?

When we are imperfect in so may ways..."

I have 2 elder sisters. The younger of the two is 9 years older than me. I remembered quite well how she took quite some time to settle down and get married. Not that she’s not pretty. In fact, I think she’s prettier than me. (…err… or maybe as pretty as me la.. he he..)

The Malays have this superstitious thing related to finding a life-partner. Once a Muslim baby is born, the placenta will usually be buried. Some Malays believe that the location where the placenta is buried will affect the baby’s fate in marriage, especially baby girls. It is said that if the placenta is buried in front of the house, when the baby has grown up, she will be noticed and will get married early. But, if the placenta is buried at the back of the house instead, she will be sort of hidden from people’s view and may take years for her to find someone and get married. And I remembered a conversation in my family many, many years ago about this superstition when discussing about my sister’s difficulty to find her perfect match. (Even though I’m reluctant to believe the old saying, but when I have kids of my own, I remembered mentioning it to my hubby and instructed him not to bury the placenta at the back of the house... he he… tak percaya konon..rolling eyes)

Anyhow, my sister got married eventually. And then I got married soon after. I remembered a remark made by my late brother regarding me getting married. He said, ‘Yang ni cepat pulak..’. He’s comparing to my sister la tu..laughing. Well, dah jodoh.. what can I say.. But I’m glad that my sister is 9 years older than me so she had ample time to meet someone and get married or else… I would have langkah the bendul..big grin.

But the truth is, each one of us has our own match out there. Whether it's perfect or not, it depends on how receptive we are to our partners' deficiencies and just accept them as they are. And if we fail to meet our match in this world, there's always the afterworld, InsyaAllah happy.
We are wayyy... from perfect but I don't think anyone else can stand my eccentricities..winking
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