Getting wet at Lata Lembik, Raub
During Eid ‘ul Adha celebrations recently, my family went back to my hometown, Raub, Pahang. And we spent some time to picnic at a place called Lata Lembik which was in the Batu Talam area of Raub, about 1 hour drive from Raub town.That was our first time going there and we were lucky that there were not many people around.

The scenery was superb and the water was deliciously cool. The kids had fun. Notice what they were wearing? Yup.. they were wearing their PJs. The picnic was a spur of the moment kind of plan so we were unprepared. Baju tidur, pun baju tidur la… janji rock… eh no… janji boleh mandi…. BTW, only 3 of these kids (3 in the middle) are mine. The other 2 are my nieces.

The river and the rocks made excellent formation for sliding. Of course, I won’t recommend this to small kids. The water current is quite rapid at the bottom and small kids tend to get carried away by the current. My kids had an-almost-carried-away experience themselves… Scary… (Note: that was my husband showing off his skills sliding down the rock)

However, in some parts, the rocks and the water are quite mild and quite safe for kids. But don’t ask me how it felt like to slide down the rocks since I was only wet up to half of my calves. Ha ha… Even if I got myself all wet, I don’t think I have the guts to slide down the rocks. Well, maybe the mild one…blushing

In terms of amenities; praying room, toilets and changing room are available. However, the changing room may need to be improved a little bit. But boleh la, daripada tak ada… Maybe the one thing that is lacking is people selling food. There is only 1 food stall and is only opened at noon. But overall, love the experience of going there. And the kids were reluctant to go back. The name Lata Lembik (weak) fits the kids’ descriptions, the kids were all lembik (weak) from exhaustion and all were fast asleep within minutes during the ride home …sleepy

I do wonder how it got its name though, the Lembik part I mean. Must have a story behind it. Just like the Raub name, that has an interesting story behind it. But that’s another story for another time…happy
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