A tale of two blogs
In chronological order:

I enjoyed reading some people's blog and sometimes ended up commented on what they wrote. Some times signed with my name but most of the times anonymously ( segan konon).

Sept 2006
Reading people's thoughts and experiences impelled me to write myself. And I started to have a blog of my own over at Yahoo 360. Why Y360? Well, I don't give a damn actually which blog site at that time but it just happened that I need to have a Y360 account in order to comment on one of the Y360 blogs that I read. So, alang-alang dah register, I started blogging. And I enjoyed every minute of it, especially when people actually read what I wrote, commenting on it and liking it (maybe la... kalau tak suka, org tak baca.. ha ha.. riak sungguh )

Towards the end of 2007
I found that the blogging activities occupied too much of my time and I decided to stop blogging (for good, I vowed). However, I still keep the Y360 account coz it is such a pity to delete all the blog entries (more than 100 entries at that time). With the termination of my blogging, I ceased to read other people's blog as well. Sort of, kau dah tak baca aku punya, aku pun malas la nak baca kau punya..he he..

My determination to stay away from blogging was still rock-hard. Even though there was the itch to start tapping on the PC again, I refrained and sometimes I let some of the steam out by writing email-blog-lookalike in my yahoogroup subscriptions esp the mozacgroup. Poor them who are in that group for having to read my ramblings .

End 2008
Suddenly, there was this hype about FB and people has been inviting and bugging me to join the FB. I maintained my stand and ignored all the invites.

March 2009
I finally joined FB
. Hard-rock determination konon... Anyhow, I'm glad I joined coz I get to re-connect with long-lost friends. And hey... I can also blog.. Well..it's called notes in FB, but basically, the same thing. However I am not blogging or note-ing (if you wish to call it that way) as avid as before.

June-Dec 2009
Y360 announced that it will be closed for good. And I transferred my writings to the new place of Yahoo: Yahoo profile
. But it is not as ummpph and as nice as the previous Y360. So it sort of dampen my spirit to write again in there. Thus, my focus is only on FB. And I leave the Yahoo profile as it is. But, knowing me, I can't let well enough alone. And I started to consider moving the blog entries from Yahoo profile to elsewhere: blogspot is an option. And voila... my gmail is created and followed by my blogspot.

But the thing is, how on earth do I move my Y Profile blog entries to blogspot??? Sheesh.... I'm clueless and not even Haji Google can provide me with the answer. So this is my tale of 2 blogs (and not forgetting FB) and I'm sure this is how it felt like to be a man with 2 wives and a mistress.. ha ha...
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4 Responses
  1. fei4ren2 Says:

    if not mistaken, there is an option under settings, called 'import blogs' for you to move the posts from other places to blogspot. but am not sure how to use it cz am using wordpress.


  2. Jiahui,
    I'm aware of that import-import thingy but first I need to convert the blog to an xml file which I don't know how to... I'm not that 'celik' in IT..:) Hey... you're the first person to comment in here..should celebrate..;)

  3. fei4ren2 Says:

    ala prof.. you celik enough ad. has 2 wives and a mistress.. hehe..

    would you mind if i link your blog to mine?? ^^

  4. he he... no problem at all. I've yet to visit your blog. Will do so soon and once I get the hang of this blogspot, will put yours in my list of blogs as well.