12 Years and Counting
20th September 1998, we were united. And my status changed from single to married. From Miss to Mrs. Daripada Cik jadi Puan. And I had to make HUGE adjustments in my daily routine. 

Almost a year after that, our family of two added a new member. A daughter who was born on 10th August 1999. And with her came joy, happiness and more responsibilities.

3 years later, we were given another gift, another daughter. Born on 6th January 2002. And again I had to make some changes to my priorities and tried the best to juggle between studies/work, house chores, 2 small kids and a husband.

The family expanded again in the year 2004. 9th March 2004 to be exact. And we have 3 girls in the family. Some dubbed our girls the Charlie's Angels.

Charlie's Angels were not enough it seemed. We had another precious girl on 6th January 2008. No longer Charlie's Angels. Nak panggil Spice Girls pun tak boleh.

20th September 2010 marked our 12th years together. And still counting... May our life filled with happiness and Allah's blessings always. Amiinn...
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