Historical Malacca
A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Malacca. My sister who resides there held an open house in conjunction with Eid celebration. It took us about 2 hour drive to get there. Less if we did not make a stop along the way.

My kids met their cousins and had fun playing together. However we could not stay for long. We still have few other places to visit. And I knew how badly my kids wanted to stay and continue playing.

Anyhow, every time I went to Malacca, memories of years ago came rushing back. Malacca was declared as Historical City on April 15th 1989. I made my own history in Malacca shortly after that happy.

After completing SPM in Form Five, I was offered to do matriculation/pre-U in one of the schools in Malacca, namely Sekolah Sains Muzaffar Syah, famously known as Mozac. And there, histories were made.

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  1. The school is located on a hill. Each time when we went out for the weekly outing, we had to wait for the public transport downhill. And to go down there, apart from the main road, there is a flight of steps, which kalau tinggi sikit lagi dah sama macam tangga Batu Caves. Going down was a piece of cake. But going up after an outing was a different story whew!.
  2. During severe water crisis in Malacca, we were badly affected. The only source of water was from a water pipe located downhill. Imagine having to carry a pail almost full of water up the steps only to find half of the water splashed out along the way at wits' end.
  3. Being the most senior students in the school, we were sort of the outlaws. Occasionally late for morning assembly and often violated the off-lights time. If I remember it correctly, the switch-off time was at 11pm. And the poor prefect in charge of that week had to yell again and again, 'Dorm E!! Off lights!!'.There were recreation or sports time every afternoon when we had to leave our dorm clad in sports attire and expected to do some sports activities but being the outlaw, we spent our time in the canteen instead, to study/do homework/gossip. Letih betul nak ikut undang-undang budak-budak kecik ni... ha ha...laughing
  4. Being the most senior students in the school, some of us were keen to 'angkat' some of the juniors as 'adik angkat'. Macam la tak cukup ada adik sendiri winking.
  5. Being the student in the school, we had to wear same school uniforms: white baju kurung with light blue kain. With one exception, instead of wearing white school shoes, we were required to wear black shoes. And there was a different uniform for outings tongue.
  6. My sister who lives nearby occasionally came to visit and usually not empty-handed. Usually, there will be nasi lemak, enough to feed the whole dorm. Oh yes, a dorm was assigned specifically for the Matric students. Takkan nak campur dengan budak bawah umur kan...hee hee
  7. I had a favourite spot/table in the study room in the hostel. Shared together with a couple of my friends and a couple of juniors. I guess the other junior students understood the 'invisible' booking system coz we never saw other students use that table. Matric girls lain tak study kat study room sebab diorang dah tere...nerd
  8. I had my nickname established there and it stuck until todayrock on!.
  9. I met some of my bestest friends there big hug.
  10. The best of all, I met my husband there love struck.
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  1. Really like your story about MOZAC.... Really Historical...

  2. Thanks Atuque. Banyak kenangan kat situ tu...