Separation Anxiety
When I first got my first child, I sent her to a nursery since she was barely 2 months old. Very unmotherly of me huh?sad But that was the best option at that time. Most of the times, she was ok being left there. But there were times when she will be clingy, teary-eyed crying and refused to let me go. At times, I need to sneak out of the nursery so that she won't see me or else she would cry. That was quite normal actually, part and parcel of a child's development. A thing called separation anxiety.

Recently, the same daughter went on a school trip to Cameron Highlands for 2 days and 1 night. My husband bought her a handphone which she can use so that she can call back home and we can enquire about her well-being during the trip. A cheap, about RM150 worth of Nokia handphone..happy Jadi la. Just to make calls and send sms.

So throughout the trip, she called or sent sms updating me the places that she visited and things that she did. And vice versa. Tapi yang anginnya, when she did not answer my calls. She was supposed to be on her way back so when she did not answer, it got me worried worried. When finally she returned my call, she said her phone was in silent mode. Laa...d'oh boleh pulak buat silent mode. Isyhh...

Anyhow, both of us had our dose of separation anxiety during that trip. She sent me an sms that night.
'Mak dah tidur ke?'
I replied, 'Belum. Kenapa? Rindu mak ke?'
And she replied, 'Ye la, mana prnh duduk jauh drpd mak.'

Aww..... almost broke my heart broken heart. But frankly, that was not her first time being away from home. She has been sleeping over at her cousin's previously but I guess that did not count. After all, it was only in Cheras and with familiar people and surrounding. But Cameron is different. Different place, sleeping in an apartment with several other girls and she had to manage her own things and time and money. I couldn't help but worrying. Thank God, it was only for 1 night.

Anyhow, she arrived home safely. And with that, her luxury of possessing a handphone ended, temporarily, until the next befitting time. Call us antiquated if you want, but both hubby and I think it's still too early to let her have a handphone. But knowing kids nowadays, with the technology and world wide web ruling their world, I'm not sure how long we are going to stick to that decision. And recently, she asked for permission to open her own Facebook. Whoahh...raised eyebrows
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