School pressure on kids
First day of school in 2010. Thank God everything went well whew!. Kind of anticipate it since all 3 of my school-going kids are not first-timers.

Syakila is now in Standard 5 (5 Cempaka). And she was elected as one of the school prefects for its Resource Center. First day of school and we were late in sending her to school. Looks like the parents also need some adjusting to the school routine once again d'oh. As a result, Syakila got a seat at the very back of her class.

Syahirah is in Standard 2 (2 Melati). She was the one who bawled crying on her 1st day at kindergarten few years ago and also cried last year during Standard 1 at recess time because she could not find her Along who had a different recess time. This year, I’m proud to see her coping very well. However, she was on the verge of tears just now sad when she thought there is no more seats for her at the girls' table and knowing her, she would hate to sit at a table in a group of boys. Luckily, there is still one seat left.

Syahidah is now in her 3rd kindergarten years. However, this year we enrol her in a different school for a more Islamic approach. I thought she would be fine since she’s considered a veteran now.. But she voiced out her concern the other day. She was worried that she won’t have friends since all her friends in the previous kindy will continue in the same school and do not move school like her worried. And she needs to be reassured that she will surely make new friends in the new school.

I remembered my own experience, the first day of kindergarten many, many, many years ago. I happened to have a male cousin who is the same age as me and naturally we went to the same kindy. We were required to line up two by two at school. And I cried simply because my cousin won’t line up with me. And he was pissed because he had to line up with a girl..laughing

Well, life’s like that. Hardships come and go throughout life and it started very early in life; since birth when a baby struggles to wriggle out through the birth canal and mummy’s vagina. The experience will make us more mature and stronger. So have a good year everyone and let’s face the world with patience and resilient and lots of doa...thumbs up

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