Cinta Comel
Cinta Comel is the name of my sister-in-law's shop in AmCorp Mall. On Maulidur Rasul, she held an opening ceremony of the shop. She's the one wearing black blouse and her husband is the one in white shirt.

The highlight of the event is cutting the pulut kuning. There were lots of other food: fried noodles, fried vermicelli and many sorts of kuih. My mother-in-law, the one in the brown jubah, is a great cook and she prepared most of the food together with my sister-in-law. Diriku datang makan je...big grin

The shop is located on the lower ground of the shopping complex and features ladies' attire and dresses. These are some of the dresses on sale.




And more blouses

So, in case you happened to be in AmCorp Mall, do drop by her shop. Err... I can't promise you special price but you can try. Cuba la seru-seru my name, maybe you can get a discount..winking

Anyhow, I wish her success in her business just like Prophet Muhammad who was a very successful businessman thumbs up.
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