Ratu-ratu di Sari Ratu
My friends and I had another outing last Tuesday. An outing which Hemy nicknamed as RCK or Rombongan Cik Kiah (none of us is named Cik Kiah by the way). This time, the rendezvous was at Sari Ratu Restaurant at Subang Parade.

There were 6 of us; clock wise from left; Elin, me, Hemy, Zie, Ana & Nor.

We had a spread of nasi padang menu; fried chicken, beef rendang, mix vege, tempe, potato with chili, gravy, as well as the famous green and red chili paste. The name of nasi padang itself may originate from the place Padang of Sumatera Indonesia. But I would rather remember it as the vast spread of the dishes which is akin to a field (padang) of food big grin.

I had this juice called alpokat which is actually avocado juice. Being adventurous to try something new, I took up Hemy's recommendation and ordered the juice. Somehow the greeny appearance of the drink with the chocolate lace, looks appetising. However, the viscosity of the liquid plus the vege-like taste of it which is hardly masked by the chocolate syrup, was so much like a Fear Factor drink to me sick. Thus, that will be the first and the last time I ordered that drink. But hey, it was a priceless experience. Tak cuba tak tau.

I ordered air sirap after the meal. Need some clear water to flush the thickness flavour of the alpokat juice. Despite being laughed at by the others for ordering sirap eg... 'Datang jauh-jauh order sirap'... and 'Kat rumah pun boleh buat sirap', tapi ada aku kisah...? devil

So, that was the story. Ratu-ratu di Sari Ratu.

Zie (on the left): who was once a ratu (queen) up above as a stewardess (she related a lot of interesting stories when she was a cabin crew especially when it involved celebrities and royalties) but now no less a ratu, she still is to a beautiful familythumbs up.

Ana: who is definitely a ratu when she let go of her job and made other sacrifices in order to take care of her autistic child applause.

Nor (on the right): a ratu who opens and owns a kindy and plays a big role in child's early development cool.

Hemy (on the right): like Nor, she is also a ratu who owns a kindy, who does miracles with the kids which is quite amazing especially when she has no kid of her own at the moment. She's like an angelangel.  

Elin (standing): she is as graceful as a ratu, with sewing and cooking skills that will definitely capture a man's heart and it's such a waste because she is still single batting eyelashes.

Me: The ratu of my own blog..big grin.

I got back home later than my hubby. Hmmm... at this rate, agak-agak kalau ada next Rombongan Cik Kiah, will he allow me to go..? thinking
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