The secret of my garden
Venue: Home
Time: Few minutes to 7 pm
Date: 19 February 2010
Pics: Two species of orchids (don't ask me the name of the species for I wouldn't know)

As a woman (well, last time I checked, I am still one)laughing:
I appreciate beautiful things
I like to see nice things
I am fond of pretty things
I love things with magnificent colours
After all, don't all women find flowers irresistible? love struck
But I refused to be called minah bunga...big grin

But this woman (i.e yours truly batting eyelashes ):
has no passion for gardening
doesn't even have green fingers or green thumb or green toe (nor blue, yellow or red)it wasn't me
speculates that everything she plants would not dare to grow
is sure that she will eventually forgot to water the plants
foresees that the plants will ended up with an agonized death thumbs down.

And yet, these orchids grow in my garden.
And nope, these were not recently bought from any flower nursery.
Not even the hubby's job  (even though I have to admit he's more a garden person than the wifey) blushing.

Actually all credits go to my mom-in-law.
Since she moved in with us, her flowers moved in too. And she has been attending to the garden. Now these orchids are flowering beautifully.

There, the secret's out...happy
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