Stye...stye..., stay away
'Along takut tak?' I asked my eldest daughter.
'Takut sikit je' she replied.
'Kawan Along yang lagi takut' she added.

The above conversation transpired a few days before my daughter went for an operation. Yes, she had to go for an operation to remove styes from her eyelids.

According to the online medical dictionary: stye is a red tender bump on the eyelid that is caused by an acute infection of the oil glands of the eyelid. There’s also a condition called chalazion which is a cyst of the little glands in the eyelids.

Anyhow, my 11-year-old eldest daughter, Syakila, had this recurrent stye on her left upper eyelid so hubby and I took her to a clinic nearby. The doctor referred her to Ampang Puteri Hospital so we went there last week. Upon further examination by the specialist, there were two smaller ones on her left lower eyelid and one on her right lower eyelid. The doctor scheduled an operation for Syakila last Wednesday.

Since Syakila was relaxed and cool about the operation thing, I was not anxious as well.

This is Syakila at the hospital. Notice the bump on her left eyelid?

Syakila donned in hospital’s gown, ready to enter the operating theatre.

At about 9.30 am, we went into the OT. Syakila lay down and the staffs proceeded with setting up the necessary monitoring devices. As the anesthesiologist placed the gas mask on Syakila, I was asked to hold Syakila’s hand. And I started to have this ‘sayu’ emotion watching her breathing in the gas. And when she eventually fade to unconsciousness, I was even more ‘sayu’ seeing her lying there with an unusual pattern of deep breathing. The anesthesiologist then ushered me outside and I left the OT after kissing her cheek. Adoii…. Lagi la sayu crying.

I waited outside and tried to read a novel that I brought with me. Despite the anxiety worried, I managed to read a few pages. Half an hour later, still anxious, but more composed, Syakila was finally wheeled to the recovery room and was detained there for another half an hour or so. Then she was brought back to the ward. My composure faltered as I watched her lying on the bed, her eyelids, heavy with sleep, fluttered as she tried to open her eyes. My eyes were brimming with tears then crying. Hubby? Cheh… mcm tak de perasaan je dia… fiddling with his handphone. But when Syakila asked for my handphone  to play games, my sayu feeling changed to relief and then was replaced with 'isyh…dah la baru lepas operate mata…Ikut perangai siapa ni…?’ rolling eyes

She was discharged around 11.30 am. Since she was not allowed to consume anything before the operation, she was ravenous drooling. Well, make that three of us, hubby and I have not had breakfast yet since we need to be in Ampang Puteri quite early. Syakila wanted nasi lemak or nasi ayam. Since we were in the vicinity, we had our brunch at My Mom’s Chicken Rice, the restaurant owned by Linda Onn.

I had mee rebus.
-          Hmm… well, I have tasted tastier mee rebus than this.. sorry to say.

Syakila had chicken rice with roasted chicken.
I asked Syakila, ‘Mak masak nasi ayam lagi sedap kan..?’ She said, ‘ha’ah’. Wahh…. Mula la kembang hidung…smug. Then she continued, ‘Ayam je la lagi sedap, nasi sama je..’ Cheh… baru nak rejoice…

Hubby had tauhu goreng (fried tofu) JB.
He said he once had fried tofu at Danga Bay JB some years ago and it tasted better. The tofu was crispier. I tasted some. The sauce was quite nice actually.

We went home, with 3 days of medical leave for Syakila. I was amused when she said that she wanted to go to school and wanted to use that MC for other days… Boleh..?d'oh

Her left eye is swollen quite badly after the operation but as I write this entry, it has reduced. And I was relieved that Syakila did not face any complications from the surgery. When asked, how does it feel when she breathed in the gas, she said, ‘Rasa macam gula’. Hooray for innovative minds who created this thumbs up.

Now, Syakila is on the road to recovery and I pray that segala anak datuk nenek mak bapak stye will stay away from her for good praying.
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