Jelajah Wilayah
Working in the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur has its plus point. We get a holiday on February 1st while our neighbouring state, Selangor, does not. And it’s even better if your kids happen to go to school in Selangor. Meaning, mummy and daddy get to enjoy the holiday while kids are at school winking.

So, hubby and I did just that yesterday. We went to Wangsa Walk. Why eh… of all places.. Frankly, no special reason. Just that we have never been there and thought of taking a look at the place. The name fits the building very well because except the few things that we bought at the Guardian, all we did was just walking..big grin

However, there are many food outlets and eateries available and we finally chose Restoran Ayam Penyet. We had Ayam Penyet - the upper right corner in the pic (dah masuk kedai Ayam Penyet, macam tak sah pulak tak try ayam penyet), and Pecel - the vege were covered by the crackers (which is very nice, the peanut sauce is very spicy but you keep wanting more and more despite the spiciness). Somebody defines Ayam penyet as fried chicken which has been smashed (penyek) but that's penyek and not penyet...happy

We also had Udang Balado (which I think is a variant of Udang Berlada and it is exactly that, Udang with chilli paste on top) together with white rice and iced lemon tea (which was too soury for my liking).

It was still very early to go back home after lunch (ni la dia... parents yg lupa diri..tongue) Since the Wangsa Walk lack of cineplex, we headed for 1Utama instead. Trying to catch the Avatar show. On the way there, we passed by a Nescafe billboard featuring Maya Karin. Hubby said: 'Maya Karin ke tu? Bila masa Maya Karin jadi putih macam tu?' 'Well....' I said, 'with the digital technology, kan senang je nak edit2 photo bagi putih'. Hubby still had issue with that... So I said, 'Takkan la hitam sangat Maya Karin tu... Dia dgn Yang (my nama manja dgn hubby) mana lagi putih?' He said..' dia lagi gelap... dia putih sikit je dari abang'. Nak senyum lebar ke tak ni... Come to think about it, he never said I am fairer...raised eyebrows

Anyway, we reached 1Utama, too late for Avatar. So we watched this instead, The Spy Next Door.

Nice... As usual, Jackie Chan's movies are always full of witty action. And the stunts were not disappointing at all. I enjoyed the movie.

Before going home, we bought this for kids. We still remember our kids, you know... Especially when they made sure they were not forgotten. Kejap2 telefon. And I had to ignore some of the calls while in the cinema. Speaking of kids, as we were going up and down the escalators at 1Utama, we were reminded of the kid whose foot got stuck in the escalator. And we were observing the escalators trying to figure out how  such a terrible thing could happen. It seems impossible but it did happen. My heart goes out to the kid and the parents. Hopefully the boy recovered from the injury praying.

 My holiday mood has not ended yet. More agenda today and more jelajah and more story... party
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