It has nothing to do with 'kipas' (fan).

It has nothing to do with 'kipas sate' (skewered meat grilled on coal fire with constant fanning of the fire).

It has nothing to do with 'kipas orang' (sucking-up to people aka sycophant).

It actually stands for Kiosk Pembaharuan Pasport (Pasport Renewal Kiosk).

Hubby and I went to Immigration Pusat Bandar Damansara the other day to renew my passport. And we were advised to use the kiosk since it will save our time.

How to use the machine:

First, you need to fill in this envelope. Make sure all the necessary documents are ready.

Then you go to one of the machines. I think there are 4 or 5 of them. 

Just follow the instructions on the screen.

1. Put your passport into the slot.

2. Insert your MyKad into the slot.

The machine will detect and read your MyKad.

3. Place your thumb (right or left) on the sensor.

Once the machine has detected and verified your thumb print along the passport and MyKad particulars, removed your thumb, passport and MyKad.

4. Pay for the new passport. Only RM50 and RM100 notes are accepted. You may choose a period of 2 years or 5 years. RM100 for 2 years. RM300 for 5 years.

Let me do the calculation for you. RM100=2 years. If you renew every 2 years, you only pay RM300 for 6 years as opposed to single payment of RM300 for 5 years money eyes. But the setback is, if you renew the passport for 2 years, kena la pulak pergi immigration after 2 years and kena beratur lagi and kena tunggu lagi...waiting

5. Lastly, put in the envelope containing a photocopy of your MyKad, your passport sized photo and your old pasport.

A receipt will be printed out and you should be able to collect your new passport at the specified counter on Level 1 of the building after 2 hours. Kena ambik no giliran jugak la. So, the kiosk only save you half of the waiting time but you still need to wait to get the new passport.

While waiting, we had lunch at Secret Recipe.

I had the infamous Tom Yam Kung.

and a ridiculous childish drink of Oreo Milkshake...Childish pun childish la... janji sedap...drooling

Hubby had the Thai Style Fried Rice. He shook his head when he saw me taking out my camera. However, he readily obliged taking the photo of this dish... This is what I call: behind every succesfull successful blogging wife, there's a  husband with a camera...winking

We finished our lunch and we done strolling around the area aimlessly so we went up to Level 1 and was told that the passport is impossible to be issued within 2 hours since they were having printing problems... I was advised to come again another day...  Looks like the KiPPAS is not KiPPASing fast enough...d'oh

Finally we ended up watching a movie, The Wolfman. It was kind of boring. Same story line, same concept, kind of straightforward predictable ending. I actually fell asleep a few times sleepy. There are lots of versions of Werewolf movies and I don't know why they keep doing movies like that. Are they obsessed or what? It was a waste of time watching it but time wasted with your loved one is worth struck

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