This is a caricature portrait of our family. The artist is an ex-colleague of my husband, Raja Shahriman. He used to work in Citibank but has retired recently and decided to focus on something that he has the talent for. Previously, his work commitment denies him the freedom to concentrate on his artwork. Well, being caricaturized, it's not unusual for the faces to be distorted and exaggerated in some parts so when I commented to my husband that I don't look 'comel' batting eyelashes in the portrait, he just said, 'Laa.... caricature memang la mcm tu...'.d'oh

The caricature portrait was done based on this family photo. This photo was taken by another colleague of my husband's, Mohd Faizal Abdul Ghani, more than 2 years ago. I was pregnant with the fourth child at that time so only 3 kids are visible. And because of that, Raja need to use other pics which portray my youngest and insert her caricature into the family caricature portrait. Cool eh...cool

Anyone interested in having your caricature drawn? Do contact Raja Shahriman 012-3153514. Or are you interested in having photo shoot for some events? Weddings, birthdays, cukur jambul (you name it), do contact Mohd Faizal Abdul Ghani 012-3931429 who does the biz on a part time basis with his sister. You can browse through this and this sites for a peek of their photoworks.

Hey... I think I am entitled for some commission for doing this promo, don't I?winking
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