Wednesday has been regarded as the no-cooking day for myself. Because on that day, there's a night market, very close to the house and on top of that, Wednesday is my washing day. Got to wash the kids' school uniforms. So, once I got back from the office, I would embark in the mission and once finished, will be too exhausted and have limited time to cook. So, beli je la... The kids, jangan cakap la... they look forward to the weekly night market. And sometimes make me wonder, they actually prefer night market food to my cooking??? Isyh... no talking

Anyhow, one Wednesday, I went to the night market with 2 of my kids, Syahirah and Syahidah. They wanted chicken rice. As the seller was packing the order, Syahirah said, 'Angah tak nak sayur.' I said, 'Tak pe la, nanti mak makan.' Then the seller pulak menyampuk, 'Ha'ah, nanti kalau tak abis, mak jugak makan..' Cisss... but really a spot-on...laughing My behavior can be analogically compared to DBKL or Alam Flora. Segala yang tak abis (almost all), will often goes to me. That's how 'healthy' my diet is...sigh

Another example:
One weekend, hubby bought breakfast from the stall near our house. I don't want anything, I said. But 3 of my children, who have very HUGE appetite these days, wanted nasi lemak, 5 packs of nasi lemak... Sarapan ke hape diorang ni...thinking Well, they did eat from all 5 packs, but they left the anchovies, the cucumber and the nasi part which got a lot of sambal. Kan ke orang selalu kata, kalau tak abiskan nasi, even sebutir, nasi tu akan nangis..? So I felt pity seeing all the leftovers and I ended up eating them even tho I did not intend to have any breakfast that morning tongue. Hmm... Datuk Fadzilah Kamsah tak berkenan la ni kalau mak makan sisa anak... tapi daripada membazir... Anyway, all in all, I think the amount that I ate was more than 1 pack... How la jadi macam ni...d'oh

The same day, I cooked tomato rice. The kids ate 'bersungguh-sungguh'. I ate 'separa sungguh' coz overate that morning. However, that night, I ate 'sungguh-sungguh terpaksa' coz somehow even tho the kids ate 'bersungguh-sungguh', they ate very little and there was a lot more rice... Pity hit me again...sigh

The next day, a Sunday, breakfast time kinda repeated the previous day. And supermom act again. Makan lagi. Then I cooked chicken rice. My kids' favorite. I managed to eat some before I rushed to Titiwangsa Lake Garden to attend the clinical booth organized by my students in a 2-day programme of 1Malaysia Festival. They set a booth to measure BMI, body fat, BP, glucose level, cholesterol level and blood group. 

Alang-alang dah kat situ, I had some tests done. I had my glucose and cholesterol levels measured. I can't remember when was the last time I checked my cholesterol level. And considering the overdose of food I had so far, I feared that I would kantoi the results. But Alhamdulillah, both were within normal range. So, does this mean I can continue with the eating marathon?? winking

However, I skipped the other measurement especially the BMI and body fat. That's me in the denial mode or better known as 'tak sedar diri'. Well, I'm applying the concept of, what I don't know, won't hurt me... Yeah... right...raised eyebrows And I'm going to attend a 2-day workshop at a hotel next week. I sure need a strong willpower so that I won't overeat. If only putting a stop to this unhealthy diet is as easy as putting a full-stop at the end of a sentence...big grin

A visitor using the device that measure body fat percentage in the clinical booth.

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