From womb to world
9th of March.

6 years ago, I was pregnant with my 3rd child and was almost full term. It was Tuesday and I went to work as usual. Throughout the day I started to have some contractions but I ignored it thinking it was still too early and thought it was just Braxton Hicks. In addition, during the previous 2 pregnancies, my labour was preceded by tell-tale sign of blood spotting. Since no tell-tale sign yet, I disregard the warning.

I managed to get through the day at the office, by lying down, most of the time... Might as well ambik cuti hari tu, tapi degil... tongue And I managed to drive back home. Later at home, it was already Maghrib when I noticed the spotting and I immediately called my husband who was still in the office. He rushed home and in the meantime I managed to get ready and called my maid to come over (she was the daily maid who stays quite near to my house).

Once hubby was home, we headed for HUKM. Me in pain, he in panic worried. Both of us praying that the traffic will be clear for us knowing that on usual working days, traffic to Cheras area can be very bad. Alhamdulillah, not that bad. However, my condition was not good at all. Few hundreds meters to the gate of HUKM, my water broke and my thought at that time was : 'Alamak!! Habis la seat kereta.' ha ha.. of all the things to worry about, I  was worrying about the car seat..big grin  Luckily it was leather and not the fabric type. We reached the OnG Emergency and I was wheeled in on a wheel chair. Upon examination, I was found to be fully dilated and was rushed to the labour room. Nak tukar hospital gown pun tak sempat whew!.

It was over before I knew it and Syahidah Nor Aida was born. She was very small, weighing a mere 2.01 kg. But that was 6 years ago. She has now grown up to be an adorable little girl who is loving, manja, nakal, tantrum sometimes and cute but with difficult-to-manage-tahap-dewa hair winking.

Syahidah, at 5 months old.

We had a simple birthday celebration for her that day with the usual cake and blowing candles.

And this is she with her birthday present. She actually asked for a pirate scope but hubby could not find the item so the next thing on her list is binoculars. Ntah hape yang dia nak teropong ntah...thinking

We had dinner at Naili's Place located at Taman Dato' Senu of Sentul. Nice place.

I had vermicelli in tom yam soup and this wicked looking drink called Mermaid, which is strawberry soda, with ice cream and whipped cream. Kenyang gila... 

The food is quite nice. Should try the place if you happen to be in the vicinity.

We have been dining there several times in the past. One thing that was new which did not exist the last time we were there, is the DJ who welcome requests for song dedications from the patrons. So my husband asked the DJ to put on a birthday song for Syahidah. Syahidah, hearing her name being mentioned by the DJ, smiled sheepishly. Malu la pulak...blushing

Looking at Syahidah now, I can hardly believe that this miraculous creation actually came from my womb. I thank Allah for granting me this child. And despite her sometimes-degil-tak-nak-dengar-cakap attitude, she's such a joy to me and hubby. Ala... rasa mcm nak nangis la pulak...crying
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  1. chunky Says:

    Syahidah is like the proto type of Leeca... i think i hv mentioned this before...100% photocopy;)

  2. Yes you have Hasnah. Lots of other people think so too. :)