Mystery of the disappearing spoons
Almost every weekdays, I prepared food-packs for my school-going kids. See here.
Almost every weekdays, I fill in their water bottles.
Almost every weekdays, the kids routinely put the water bottles and tupperwares into their bags.
Almost every weekdays, they will take one spoon each and put into their bags. Leceh la kalau mihun goreng nak suap guna tangan...winking
And almost every weekdays, I have to holler and yell like a She-tarzan to remind the kids to take out their tupperwares and water bottles so that I can wash the containers. wits' end Tiap-tiap hari nak kena jerit, nak kena ingatkan...I don't know what my neighbors might be thinking tongue.

Then one day, late evening, all the kids were upstairs taking their baths..ntah iye mandi... Ntah2 on computer games, ntah2 layan cerita Qalesya (best jugak cerita ni) or Hagemaru (ntah hape2 kartun ni...). I noticed that they haven't taken out their food containers yet. Isyh..isyh..isyh... angry

Tak kuasa nak jerit-jerit, I opened up Syahidah's school bag and took out her container. I rummaged her bag looking for the spoon which she took that morning. I found the spoon, as well as 3 other spoons and 1 fork. No wonder la my spoons were diminishing thinking. All this while, upon being yelled at, she just took out the container but left the spoon. And she has been accumulating spoons in her bag. Memang bertuah anak ini...d'oh

A year-old photo, back to school 2009.

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