Extending the iPhone life
This is a story of Mummy and her iPhone

Mummy just got an iPhone... cool...cool
Lots of applications, one of which is FB...wajib ada..big grin
Can store lots of songs...yeah...dancing
Lots of free games...Kids fighting over it... adoii...d'oh

So, on a normal day, mommy may use it to log in onto FB, or maybe check her email account. And of course make calls to people, such as daddy and tanya, 'Pukul berapa abang balik?'happy
Then the kids may take turns to play the games. Let's say, each kid spent half an hour of playing?
The daddy pun mungkin tumpang semangkuk jugak main games which is unlikely because he got his PSP. But maybe la... who knows...thinking

Then the next day, mummy went to work only to find the battery level showing red alert. Arggh... tension...at wits' end That's the downside of these iPhones...hari-hari kena charge... And mummy forgot to bring charger. Mummy would rather suffer no air-cond at work but please not handphone battery kong..

Thus, mummy was grateful to daddy who was very understanding and bought for mummy this solar charger for iPhone kiss. Can be solar charged (at least 6 hours under hot sun) or electrically charged (at least 3 hours). It's chic-looking and can fit nicely in mummy's handbag. Once fully charged the solar charger can be plugged in into the iPhone and able to supply an extra 40 minutes talking time to the iPhone. So, very helpful in emergency cases when the battery went dry. I repeat EMERGENCY. So mummy is not supposed to play games or to browse the FB on the emergency extra battery power shame on you. Well, let's hope mummy don't forget to charge the solar charger or else she better pray that the sun is hot enough for charging...winking
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