Need a Muse
Reasons I need a muse so bad right now...

1. I'm in the middle of writing a manuscript based on research findings. And I have been stuck at the Discussion part for ages now... Susah betul nak string the sentences and make some sense out of the findings.. ha ha.. (Especially if the results ada sikit-sikit nonsense in the fist place...laughing) Somebody once said writing a journal article is just like spinning a story for the reader. Need to keep the reader interested to read on... And I'm stuck... Major stuck!!angry

2. I need to think of research ideas for future work. No idea, cannot apply for grants. No grants, cannot do research. No research, cannot supervise students. No research and no students, cannot produce results. No results, cannot write journal articles. No journal articles, cannot have good yearly appraisal. No good yearly appraisal, cannot get a rise in pay. No rise in pay, cannot macam-macam... Haiya....d'oh

3. Wish I can update this blog often. But at times, I just have no idea what to write. Cerita banyak-banyak pasal diri sendiri... orang meluats pulak tongue. Cerita banyak-banyak pasal anak, orang kata macam la dia sorang ada anak  ha ha... So, I am in a dire need of ideas... But on second thought, update selalu-selalu pun ada ke orang nak baca? raised eyebrows

That's why I need a muse. Or maybe in my case, muses...big grin

No la... scratch the muse. Allah is enough to guide me in everything I do. happy

Below is the title of one of our papers published last year. See my name at the end of the authors' list? I need more papers with my name in front. Takkan asyik nak menempel je kan...winking

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